The Week in Geek - March 25, 2011

A lot of fun cross-references and viral goodies for the geeks of the world this week.

1. The first one being the amazing cross over art featured to the left. It's a glorious Disney mash-up of an iconic Haunted Mansion stretching portrait and Snow White. Artist Robert Farrell created the beautiful painting on canvas for Disney Studio Art. If there's one store that I could easily lose self control in when I visit the parks, it's the art stores with all their retro ride posters and film stills.

I'd love to see even more Haunted Mansion inspired cross over art. Princess Jasmine as the cat lady? The Wicked Stepmother as Madame Leota (After all, the voice is already that of Eleanor Audley in both cases, why not make a corresponding visual?) What Disney characters would you like to see re-cast in the Haunted Mansion? Of course, I'm speaking in hypothetical terms. I don't actually think anything in the ride should be changed...

2. Lots of blog-inspired goodness over at Five Sprockets this week. Jake wrote a blog all about the duties of a director and I let readers in on some script news and some little known new releases.

3. Some fun Star Wars PSAs were shared on Facebook. We have a few on our office wall right now. But these were new to me. My favorite? The Smokey the Bear inspired Ewok forest fire prevention poster. Priceless.

4. Last but not least, 15 Unintentionally Hilarious Toys. Almost all of them not so subtle knock-offs.