Save the Puppies!

I occasionally post for charities that I think my readers may be interested in. In this case, this is a very local issue. But you can rest assured, you don't have to look very hard to discover incidents just like this in your own community. That's not to mention my recent posting about Humane Society International and the Red Cross in Japan. Entertainment, pop culture and charity often go hand in hand. That may be a weak argument, but I'm going out on a limb to use it because a blog is a public forum and this is something I'd like to draw attention to. This is a posting about charity, you've been warned, skip it if you want to.  

In Muncie, a puppy hoarding case was brought to light just a couple of days ago. Animal hoarding cases are sad. They often involve well-intentioned people who don't have the resources or can't get the help they need to care for their animals. Of course, this particular case also involved a house full of animals that weren't spayed or neutered, which eventually created the problem of too many puppies. So while I'm glad they are animal lovers, I also don't have too much sympathy for their situation that could've easily been avoided by a few trips to the low-cost spay and neuter clinic nearby.

At any rate, there are puppies in trouble. If you feel so inclined, please visit the following link to donate to ACTION FOR ANIMALS the charity that is responding to this hoarding case. You can also check out IRON UNDERDAWGS if you're a dog person and you want to make a difference. So many of the animal-related non profits are suffering in the economy right now. So every little bit helps. If you're interested in more details, click the "READ MORE" link to get the whole story.

The following is a message from Ashley Larsen of IndyHumane about the situation. Included are several people to contact and plenty of ideas for how to help and follow up:

The old saying " you never know what goes on behind closed doors," is the only way to describe the hoarding case in Muncie, Indiana.

Standing in the front yard, snapping pictures of multiple dogs, a passerby would not think anything unusual. They would not realize that the three women were there to help 13 puppies, found living in just one small room of the house,standing in their own feces and urine.

It must be mentioned that until that morning, not a single puppy had ever set foot outside. To them, the sight of the outdoors were alien and frightening.

How could this take place without any intervention for 8 months? According to the owners, they reached out several times for help never receiving even a reply. Until one day....

A woman working at the local animal food bank regularly dropped bags of dog food off to a couple who at the time had only 5 adult dogs. One doesn't have to imagine what occurred when 5 dogs, none spayed or neutered , live in the same vicinity. The couple kept secret the fact that a litter of 13 puppies had been added to their household.

The volunteer started to notice that the usual monthly food drop was starting to disappear at a faster rate. Upon questioning the owners, she learned that there were now not just 5 dogs... but 5 dogs and 13 puppies living in the house.

It didn't take long for the complaints to start. Complaints of an overwhelming smell coming from the house. Once the landlord caught wind of how many dogs were actually living in the house he immediately ordered that all 13 puppies be removed by May 1st.

It is truly amazing how friendly each dog appears. Some where understandably shy at first yet it didnt take long before each puppy began playing with each other and their fears subsided.

To be able to give the puppies a chance to be outside, to enjoy the fresh air was rewarding and a reminder to not take the simple things in life for granted.

Yet it was agonizing to leave knowing that their joy would soon be replaced with suffering. The fresh air would be replaced with the order of feces and urine, crowded in one room until we could find them homes. We knew before meeting that we were there to take pictures of the dogs and assess their health and level of socialization.Yet it was impossible not to feel emotionally torn over having to put them back in such unthinkable conditions.

Addressing the conditions of the inside was not difficult. Even though we were not allowed to enter the sickly odor in the air told us all we needed to know.

Looking forward, each puppy has a long road ahead. Most importantly they need to find homes before May 1st. Another urgent matter is the lack of healthcare each puppy has received thus far. None of the puppies are spayed, neutered or vaccinated.

The situation is complex due to the number of dogs. Yet having met each one and seeing the love in their faces motivates one to push forward and find them a better life

They need everyone's help. Whether it is through donating, offering to foster, or just crossposting their story, every effort will bring them one step closer to leaving their current living condition and starting anew.

Sharon Sharkitt with Action For Animals (located in Muncie, IN) is the main contact for anyone who would like to help these babies (she was the volunteer who was delivering food to the owners and has been there from the beginning. She is truly responsible for saving the lives of these puppies).

She can be reached at


For those who would like to mail donations, the address is:

Action for Animals, Inc.,
P.O. Box 835,
Muncie, IN  47308

Please visit Action For Animals website to view their amazing work anddonate to help get these 13 puppies to safety:

The most recent posting from Sharon..

"The puppies all range from 35 to 55 lbs. All are very friendly. 2 of the females appear to be pregnant. At the present time all dogs will have to stay at the property for now. We have no facility or foster home available for them. As you all know. Action For Animals does not have a facility or foster homes for dogs. We are at the mercy of others to help these dogs in desperate need. Anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated. We can help facilitate and transport the dogs to you. "

Please share with family ,friends and rescues who may be able to assist Action For Animals with finding forever homes.


Ashley Larsen

**It should also be noted that with females and males all mixed together at 8 months of age, not fixed, this is TRULY an EMERGENCY.  Chances are good there are even MORE puppies on the way.  A couple of these dogs are safe, but I cannot tell you at this time which ones they are.  Help is needed IMMEDIATELY to get these dogs OUT of this house and INTO a vet clinic.  PLEASE PASS THIS INFO ALONG. **