How I Commemorated 9/11

I usually don't like to talk about anything like this on my blog. This blog is my happy place. But I really wanted to share something that made me feel uplifted on a day that I had originally marked for slipping under and hiding out.

Jake and I watched "Man on Wire" on September 11 this year. It was Roger Ebert's Facebook suggestion that this is the only movie out of all those made about the World Trade Center to truly commemorate the towers in a beautiful way. And it was really quite the experience for me, because the movie has nothing to do with the terrorist attacks.

It's all about a man who had an impossible dream and stopped at nothing to make it happen. It's riveting, beautiful, exciting and ultimately a little bit sad. And it would make an incredible narrative film. But it's on Netflix and I can't recommend it highly enough. (She says years after a million other people have been talking about it.) It's really about the flip side to that dark coin of human creativity that either allows us to do something breathtakingly wonderful or unspeakably horrific with our lives and efforts and passions and motivations.

To top it all off, it's a really well paced film. Very well put together with unique interview shots that look like something Wes Anderson might've filmed. It takes what could've been a mundane storytelling experience and pulls you in. Watch the preview below.