Help! I'm filled with ennui! Send cookies!

I don't know what to do with good old Born For Geekdom here at the start of 2012. I'm in a state of overly dramatic blogging self-introspection! (Is there any other kind?) What to do with a blog now entering it's fifth year? More interviews, movie reviews, memoir? Do I keep writing here even though my life has filled up with days of shooting and editing? (Oops, I kind of started a career. How did THAT happen?) Do I somehow narrow the focus of BFG? Do I funnel all these long, silly years of blogging into some larger, more concentrated effort that would make better use of my time?

I want to say yes, I miss writing like you wouldn't believe. But I literally don't have the time. But I know I need to make the time. See? I told you! Next I'm going to "start getting ideas, thinking..."

 While I think about it, I'll just listen to this on repeat. That'll solve the problem, right? Right.