Dress to Impress...and Imitate Movie Characters

Though money is tight in the Williams' household these days, my sweet husband wanted to take me out to buy a few things for my birthday which is coming up on August 30th. (I'll be 30 on the 30th this year. Isn't that magical or something? Enchanted? What do they call that? There's a word for it...)

Anyway, I spotted a vintage-looking number on sale at a very fancy boutique called Chez Tarjay. (That's Target to you those of you who simply must pronounce things in the traditional way.)  Though twenty dollars is still pretty steep, I loved this dress, so I snatched it right up.

But I admit to having a different motive. Though it doesn't look like much on the rack, when I tried it on in the dressing room, it reminded me very much of these dresses that left an impression on a certain young movie geek back in her childhood...

A layer of lace over fabric is oh-so-very 1950's. I've never seen a dress like that in a modern store anywhere before, let alone for such a steal. I've done a lot of things because they looked really appealing in movies. Splash is responsible the first time I tried lobster when I was nine, I tried to tear into that sucker with my teeth.

I can safely report, this has been a much better experience so far.

Ever bought a piece of clothing because it reminded you of a costume from a movie? (My husband has a handful of very Dude-like shorts and sunglasses because of this little inspirational-buying-streak problem I have.)

MILESTONE! It's a milestone birthday. Not a magical one.