Release Your Inner Fangirl! (She'll decorate your house when you're not looking...)

My fangirl energy has been really busy over the last year or so. But all of the sudden, there's time for it to come back into my home life in a big way. We moved into our new apartment a couple of months ago, but I haven't really had time to settle in, until this weekend. These are tiny changes, but they make me feel like I'm at home...

1. I tricked my kitchen cabinets out so it looks like they have their own Nacelle tube. And by "tricked out", I mean that I teetered at the top of a step-ladder and threw blue Christmas lights up there.

2. I went with an all art deco/old-timey vibe for the living room. I know "The Rocketeer" isn't exactly old-timey as far as the film goes, but I love it. And it has a rockin' poster.

3. Our sweet Trek blanket is always out, but I think it helps reinforce the whole "Our kitchen cabinets are the same color as a starship engine" thing. The kitchen is open concept, and when I turn on a couple of our Ikea lamps, I must say, it has a very "Captain's Quarters" vibe in the living room/kitchen area. But maybe that's just me...

4. I even organized my closet this morning. (I decided I want to enter a whole new style phase...Flapper Chic!) I also decided to hang a bunch of my accessories that I typically forget about and therefore never wear when they are stuffed into a drawer. Each hanger has a category. The first is Tim Burton-esque accesories. The second is Harry Potter themed. Then there are the pashminas that remind me of the wrap Daryl Hannah uses in splash when she runs away the night she's going to marry Alan, and so on. I even hung up my Han Solo holster. (Next to my Cleopatra and Leia costumes...but don't be impressed. They're store bought, I'm so ashamed. And my Han costume STILL isn't finished. Blerg!)

5. I started hanging things in the office. This is going to be a long process as we have shelves for most of our action figures, but we somehow lost the hardware we use to hang them in the move. So Hagrid, Kirk, Spock, Marion Ravenwood and the rest of the gang are currently huddled up all cozy-like in a plastic tub in the office closet. But rather than wait for the random day when we finally decide to finish that job, I figured  I'd cheer myself up by at least putting some of the stuff up.

6. And unrelated to home decor, there may or may not have been a Cantina Band-themed dance party in the house this afternoon. The cats looked at us like we were insane...

How do you unleash your Inner Fangirl in your home?