Say, "Hello" To My Little Friend

You know her already, as she has been sending in contributions to this blog for a few years now. She is a fangirl of the highest order and she has some seriously major books in the works. (I can't tell you any details, all I'll say is that one of them already has a celebrity attached in a very unique way. And they approve!)

Heather Cichos will now have her own regular column here titled, "Wake Me When the Death Star is Operational." You will know her columns by this image, which will appear at the top of all of her contributions.

She'll also still be tagged as "Heather", so you can find all her contributions that way in the topic guide in the left sidebar. Though I won't be taking on any other regular contributors at this time, I will reconsider it in January! I get some requests from time to time, so if you are one of those people, wait until January and I'll announce more details about it then.

Until then, enjoy Heather's upcoming blogs! She brings an irreverent sense of humor and her writing often centers around the obsessive-compulsive nature of fangirling, as both a positive and a negative in her life. She talks about parenting her little geeklets. She talks about finding geek inspiration for the holidays...you could almost think of her as the Martha Stewart of fangirls, for all of her craftiness and attention to detail.

To you a formal welcome Heather...

yIghoSDo'! - which is of course Klingon for "Go onward with fortune"