Famous Movie Sweaters and other cold-weather nonsense

I was in Indiana last weekend. I'm so spoiled by the gorgeous Florida weather that I forgot you need, what are those called again? Oh yeah, COATS in the Mid-West.

So we stopped by Old Navy and Dad and I went halfsies on a heavy-duty sweater I could use as a coat. Seems normal enough, eh?

Not a giant Old Navy store. Photo taken in airport before departure.

 I bought it for two reasons.

1. It was nice and warm and on sale. You know, normal people reasons.


2. It looked like a hybrid of,




So, I guess I have early nineties fashion coming back around to thank for my cozy giant fluffy sweater?

I once saw, I kid you not, an exact replica of the Dude's sweater. Patterning and everything. It was in an upscale clothing boutique at Downtown Disney. It was WAY too expensive. But movie prop-wise, I couldn't believe that of all places, it was in a WOMEN'S clothing store and that I found it at Downtown Disney. But it was crazy expensive. Too expensive, we decided, to actually buy.

Then I went home and looked for it online and found that the price we thought was too high was actually pretty low for Dude-sweater replicas. But still...who can justify spending that much money on a movie replica of something? (Me someday if I win the lottery. AFTER charitable donations and buying everyone in my family a private jet, of course.)

Either way, I have a comfy new sweater and a brain that won't quit. So that's neat.