Cabaret Inspirations

Soooooo...I'm finally doing an open mic night/cabaret at the end of February.

Song selection has proven far more difficult than I thought it would be. Mostly because it's been a hot minute since I was in a show or doing any kind of singing for performance. 2008 was my last show, the Hot Jazz Cabaret. (Which was a TOTAL blast and I got to dress like Liza herself from "Cabaret" proper.)

But all of the songs that I really want to sing are duets or ensembles, out of my range, require staging or are really random topically-speaking. So I'm still picking songs that I like, but I'm playing it sort of safe and giving myself an easy start.

BUT. If I had to issue no disclaimers and I had a partner who would sing with me and more space to use, I'd do the following...

And hey, while I'm dreaming, why not imagine a free rehearsal space opens up and I can start rehearsing with a group of dedicated volunteers to recreate famous dance numbers from movies I love? I'd do Bob Fosse's "Rich Man's Frug".