Too Much Galadriel Make Homer Something Something

Disclaimer: The word
"ravings" is in my blog
title. So you asked for it.
I have a Galadriel problem in my life. I KNOW, how could that be? The words "problem" and "Galadriel" don't go in the same sentence together, right?

My issue is that I have too many reasons to reference her. I can rattle off the ol' Gally references like Steve Martin can rattle off nose jokes in "Roxanne". Bam! Obscure 80's movie joke! Right out of the gate! 

Also, what do you mean you don't have pet names for a fictional character? Whose the weird one NOW?

Examples: When I turn on a flash light, I can't resist doing, "Let it be a light for you in dark places."

Every time I decide not to do something, "I will dimish and go into the West and remain Galadriel."

Except, truth time...I've been saying that quote incorrectly for years. So what I really say is, "I shall go into the West and diminish."

Sometimes I make my own terrible Groucho Marxist joke when people are leaving. (Yes, I did that on purpose. Marxism. Get it?) I hold up one hand the way she does when the Fellowship floats down the River Anduin away from Lothlorien and I say, "Galad to see ya!"

I even do those scary eye flashes that she does that are sort of Morticia Addams-ish just to make myself laugh. The making myself laugh thing is another issue altogether probably.

The point is, the references are spinning out of control. Even for me. As "The Hobbit" approaches, I think I might be driving my husband nuts with these references. Is there a movie reference intervention service?