Guys, I'm a Cyber Hobo Now! (And Hopefully, a Filmmaker)

Because I totally want your money! But I'll put it to good use, I promise. 

This blogger and longtime film critic is trying to make the leap into becoming a creator. I'm totally ready to fall on my face if I have to. But it's time to try. No matter what. 


Some things I want to tell you about our pitch...

Spare change for a couple of bum
wannabe filmmakers?
A.) THANK YOU for reading this or watching the video below! There are a trillion videos on the internet and you watched this one. That genuinely means a lot.

Also, I know it's annoying that it's currently an untitled project, but I hate forcing important details like that before they're ready.
B.) The people involved with this are well worth your investment. You'll know that when you see the final result. It's time to step up my creative game. Sometimes it takes money to do that so you can hire a quality cast and crew. 
C.) Standard girly and embarrassingly non-feminist disclaimers: "I hate my face in this video! Why didn't I wear powder? My hair looks like a wig!"
D.) I love filmmaking. Every aspect of it. If I don't do it, I'll turn into a weird depressed old cat lady. If you support this, you are saving me from that fate. It's a public service to the rest of the world! You are a hero!
E.) There's another script ready to go if this does well. It also has monsters in it, just like this one. 76.5% of what I write or direct usually involves monsters. It's only fair that you know that going in.

Some things I want you to know about what it takes for me to do this...
A.) A lot. It takes a lot for me to attempt to fundraise. I feel almost embarrassed about it. I think to myself, "Why can't I just do a few extra videos and earn the money myself?" Well...I'm trying. But anyone who does video production for a living knows that the schedule is tough. But please know that I'm not a lazy bum. I work really hard at my craft. I pursued an education in film and TV production. I work in film and TV production. (Not at a fancy level or anything. But still, I'm working! That means I'm legit, right?)

Some things about why I need to do this...
A.) I know I'm capable of better work. It's been a few years since I finished a project and really felt like I could let it speak for itself. It's been a long time since I didn't feel like I had to issue a disclaimer about something before showing it to somebody. That needs to change. 

B.) I think I waited too long to try this. I think I got all ingrown and obsessive and occasionally hateful about movies because I was jealous of the people who were making them. So this is long overdue. 

I know it doesn't offer a massive amount of detail, but please watch our pitch video and consider chipping in. Every little bit helps, which is very true with IndieGoGo. Because you get to keep whatever is donated. It doesn't all get tossed back if you don't meet your goal. So pledge like you mean it, whatever you say you will give, you will actually give.