In Which I Move into the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse with Elijah Wood

"I find that if I just sit down to
think, the solution presents itself."
I wanted to ask a question on facebook the other day. But it seemed so self-centered that I decided to ask the question of myself rather than seeking validation from others.

And I promise, that's the only time I'll use the word "validation" in this blog entry.

I wanted to ask, "When was the first time you ever remembered me talking about wanting to be a filmmaker?"

I have this theory that if you look, and I mean REALLY look at your life, you'll find that some of the great unanswered questions you struggle with have actually been clear all along. You just have to be willing to accept the evidence that presents itself.

Did you ever play that MASH game when you were in junior high or high school?

You would list at least four life possibilities in many categories. Mine probably looked like:

Elijah Wood
Egon Spengler
Scott Howard
Billy Idol

(My best friend has correctly assessed that my taste in men was always "slightly left of center". She never judged my deep and abiding love of the seemingly conflicting nerds and bad boys. For the record, I blame Ghostbusters for this duality. Spengler and Venkman imprinted a generation of girls with "ideal" male archetypes. See: Next set of parentheses.)

(That was a joke. Movies haven't affected my real life relationships. I'm TOTALLY kidding...)

*shifty eyes*