Betty White's Advice on Staying Positive Sums Up Exactly Why I Resurrected Born For Geekdom

Just this morning, I re-wrote the mission statement for this website. This is what I came up with:

About Born For Geekdom

Born For Geekdom started in 2008 as an inspiration collection and personal outlet for Audrey in between freelance writing assignments. The blog went on hiatus in 2013 and whirred back to life in January 2017. 

The new mission of Born For Geekdom is to curate positivity and love in contemporary geek culture by sharing great recommendations for film, music, television, radio and travel. In a world full of complaints and rants, this fangirl just wants to rave.

A few minutes ago, my friend Kevin shared this on Facebook. It really resonates with me and I agree wholeheartedly. Even if you're having a tough time right now, for any reason, listen to Grandma Betty, she's trustworthy:

There's a huge difference between tapping out or burying your head in the sand, and choosing to stay positive and active. I'm even working on re-tooling my every day language and thought processes. Which, I'm gonna be honest, feels like a lot of work right now. But it's worthy work.

A lot of people equate peace and positivity with weakness. Which is a shame, because you can be just as strong, resilient and active while re-training your brain. I know it seems silly to write a mission statement for a blog about movies and tv and Disney World and la, la, la, frivoloty...but I want to be a part of changing for the better at even the smallest, seemingly most insignificant level.