My Top 3 Most Played Super Nintendo Games from Childhood

Desperately Wants To Be Cool, the photograph.
Hiya. Long time, no blog. I'm gonna give you some quick catch-up first, then I'll share my Top 3 Most Played Super Nintendo Games from Childhood. I'd love to hear yours in the comments.

I'm also going to be needy and ask you a personal question at the very end. I genuinely need your opinion and I hope you'll reply.

Over the last few years, I've turned into a real grown-up. I've been busy working and traveling. But I've also been feeling really out of touch with my actual self this year. I thought visiting friends and family in Chicago, Indianapolis, Muncie and New York might just be the trick.

I returned home from NYC on Tuesday. I've been playing catch up ever since, feeling that post-travel malaise. It's like, I was a free little bird. Now I have to stay in A PLACE?

Then I woke up to a non-Christmas miracle this morning. I live in Florida, but a cold breeze was blowing through my open bedroom window. The sky? Overcast.

I, for one, love a cloudy day. Maybe it was all those Tim Burton movies I watched growing up. Maybe it was the way the cotton skies seemed to muffle the clatter and chaos of the outside world. Maybe growing up in the Midwest just makes you a stay-in kind of girl. I'll take blankets, fuzzy socks, and a VHS marathon over a trip to a water park any day.

Another day of bad weather? Better stay inside, watch movies, and play video games.

Normally I fight the urge to tune out. Today? I just wanted to binge on walkthroughs of Super Nintendo games from childhood and pretend it was the nineties again. So I did. (After showering and putting dinner in the crock pot, of course. See? Grown-up.)

I've always been a sucker for story, so you'll notice my top three are tied to well-known properties. I find that when you start listing anything, themes and patterns emerge. Is there a pattern to your favorite games from childhood? What about the games you love now? Do those patterns mean anything? Do they tell you anything significant about your life? #nosy

P.S. Does it drive anybody else nuts when you're watching a playthrough/walkthrough video and the person recording it doesn't do it perfectly? I was such a little spaz that I had to learn how to do each level perfectly before I moved on, meaning I had to get every reward and avoid every bit of damage.

P.P.S. Don't bother telling me I'm not a real "gamer". I already know.

1. Mickey Mania

I can't believe there was actually a game where Mickey's crumpled body landed at the bottom of the screen if you didn't beat the level. Horrifying and funny, all at once.

2. Animaniacs

The best part about this game, aside from the Animaniacs themselves, was all the movie references.

3. Donkey Kong Country

Relaxing water level soundtrack 4ever. I bought this game, along with two kitten-adorned sweatsuits (in bubblegum pink and forest green) with settlement money from a car accident I was in. I find that memory kind of sweet and sad all at once. Little Audrey just wanted to play video games and advertise her love of cats.

Bonus: Mario Paint

I spent a lot of time goofing around on this too. To irritate my sisters, I'd play the musical levels by just choosing one sound effect and playing it on one note for an entire song. This look happened a lot around our house.

Double Bonus: The Haunted Mansion for Xbox
The only time I ever became as obsessed with a game as an adult was when I discovered this game for Xbox.

Here Comes the Needy Part... 

I'd really like to start blogging again consistently in 2018. It brings me a lot of joy. The rest of my writing life is so intensely structured. My business website is getting an overhaul, I have a handful of creative projects in production and even my 2018 calendar is full of work. 

I tried to revive Born For Geekdom this year, but my efforts were scattered. I considered making a return to freelance article writing and essays, but found I don't quite have the taste for it anymore. I sometimes like to write about living in Florida. Other times, I like to wax nostalgic. And frequently, I just like to share what I'm watching, reading or listening to.

What would you most like to read on this blog? To add to that, would it be better for me to turn some of my essay ideas into YouTube videos?

If you have thoughts on this, any thoughts at all, I'd love to read them below. 

P.P.P.S Does anyone want to see pictures from New York?