Spaceship Librarian & The Chosen One

I recently started a Patreon Page!

In February, my patrons received the full script for Issue #1 of my comic Spaceship Librarian. You can get it too for just $1. I don't even mind if you sign up just to read it, then un-sign up!

You can also go to the website SpaceshipLibrarian.com and poke around for free. There are a few sample pages drawn by the very talented Jen Hersey and lettered by Justin Birch.

In addition to what I share with my Patrons, I also share free writing with everyone. So far, that's been in the form of a fiction story titled The Chosen One.

Here's Chapter 1

And here's Chapter 1.5 and Chapter 2

You can also read a smattering of past articles and fiction stories at AudreyWrites.com. Just click on Stories at the top of the page, then go nuts. There's also Leaves the Comic and of course, I have this here blog all up and runnin' again. I had plans to put several projects into production when my husband and I were blind-sided by an unexpected life event last May. We've kind of been adjusting since then. But I want to make my readers here know where else they can find me!

My patrons get to choose what I share this month via Patreon poll. But you can decide what you want to read for free on my Patreon this month via a Twitter poll today!

UPDATE: You chose a short comic script. You can expect it around the end of this month and I'll share links on all my social media.

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