2019 Character Study - Lara Croft

I love doing this and I do it every year.

To use a poetic, mature term, in 2018, I was kind of a wimp. Whiny. Weak. In all fairness, I survived a major medical thing. The consequences of which I'm still dealing with. But I'd like to say goodbye to weak, vulnerable, sad sack Audrey and reconnect with one of my earliest inspirations.

Lara friggin' Croft.

And I'm not talking about prequel Lara. Bruised and battered, scared Lara. I don't even mean movie Lara. I mean grown-up, closet full of adventuring clothes, runs a mansion gaming Lara. She's disciplined. She's goal-focused. She doesn't suffer fools. She eats right and exercises often, and most importantly, she knows how to do a great french braid.

Well, okay. Maybe it's not the most important. But it's pretty handy.

Who's your fictional role model for the upcoming year?