Let's Dance

Last week was difficult, this week will be long. Most of my problems are happy. One can hardly whine for having too much client work, can one? But still, I sure did lose myself in a lot of World of Dance videos this weekend. The purpose was two-fold because I have my head in a dance routine I get to inform creatively for a client. Which is...a literal dream come true.

It's my second time working with dancers (at a distance and only in generating the initial ideas) and even though I've been dancing my entire life, I still feel so unqualified. When I feel unqualified, I have to hang onto joy by seeking inspiration. It's the only thing that keeps me from running out of the room.

I'm still feeling too vulnerable about the Star Wars preview to even talk about it. I can't even think about it without crying. But we're all fine here now thank you...how are you?

Let's start with a classic to warm up.

Now, onto the World of Dance. 

The song they're using is from this number, and it's phenomenal. Imagine if Lord of the Rings had musical numbers, that's what it's like.

And finally, the brilliant master craftsmen, Les Twins.