Pay Tribute, Make Something

Lately, I've been writing these long rambling blog drafts. Pages and pages worth of stuff on Dr. Who, time-travel stories and of course, Ebert. But I can't seem to hit "publish".

It might be part of a transition I'm going through where I'm trying to focus on finishing bigger projects and larger goals. (Short films, comic scripts, screenplays, etc.) So I'm trying to conserve my writing energy for the longer hauls. Sometimes my writing energy goes toward the immediate satisfaction of hitting "publish" here on Blogger or even on Twitter and Facebook.

But still, as I re-read everything I wrote about Ebert in one of those unpublished drafts, it occurred to me that the best way to pay tribute to our role models is to get busy filling the void of their vanished voices by working as hard as we can to express our own.


Check out CONsent by the 16-Bit Sirens

The 16-Bit Sirens are doing something very cool. They're doing a project that highlights a hot topic at conventions. Women who cosplay are often subjected to crazy amounts of harassment when dressed in their costumes. (Not that any amount of harassment isn't crazy, but you know what I mean.)

So they're doing a photo essay about it, one that I hope will be ongoing across various cons, that highlights the idea that con attendees all deserve respect. Especially from one another.