Happy Monday, Is That a Knife?

Feeling those start of the week blues? Just ask yourself...what would Mick Dundee do?


Humane Society International in Japan

"A man holding a dog walks on a street in
Kessennuma City, Miyagi prefecture.
STR/AFP/Getty Images" courtesy hsi.org
There are so many worthy charities you can donate to directly to help ongoing efforts everywhere from Haiti to New Zealand to Japan. The Red Cross, Save the Children, World Vision and more are all working tirelessly to help the people in need in these locations and others. But there is also Humane Society International.

Often in times of tragedy, we think of helping the affected people by getting them food, shelter and water. These are of course, top priorities. But another way to help people is by helping animals in these areas. Many think that the last thing on our minds should be the animals. But the animal population goes hand in hand with what is happening with survivors for many reasons. For one thing, stray animals affected by disaster can become dangerous as they become hungry and often times, ill and starving. By making animal rescue a priority in disaster areas, we're directly keeping human survivors and rescue teams safe and healthy.

Also, let's not forget, animals lead rescuers to humans trapped in rubble. Not simply the rescue dogs that come with teams but animals still located and wandering in the affected areas. We've all seen photos of dogs unwilling to leave their owner's sides, even after the worst case scenario. It's a heartbreaking reminder of the loyalty of domesticated animals.


The Week in Film - March 18, 2011

1. For an extensive list of movies out this weekend, check out the weekly movie releases over at Five Sprockets. I may have been a little sassy in this week's round-up, so if you disagree for any reason, please feel free to comment! I love a good debate, especially about film. The thing that makes our listing of releases unique is the fact that we aren't afraid to share out opinion and we also list all of the films out that weekend. Not just the big budget blockbusters. We care about letting people know about indie films and lesser known movies too, even short films.

2. SXSW has been happening all week. If you don't know, that South by Southwest, a premier film and music festival that happens in the warm and weird city of Austin, Texas. Home of Ain't It Cool News, Wes Anderson, Luke and Owen Wilson, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. I love Austin and would love to cover this festival sometime in the next few years. But you know who does a great job covering the festival every year? Roger Ebert himself, who is a blast to follow on Facebook. Check out some of his coverage HERE.

3. Last but not least, I'm very sad to report that the film world lost an incredible actor this week. Michael Gough, known and beloved for his role as Alfred Pennyworth in four Batman films, passed away at the age of 94. Though he was well known for Batman, he worked in many films. He had a long career (reaching all the way back to 1946) as a character actor, worked frequently with Tim Burton, and any director lucky enough to snag him added an instant air of credibility to their film via Gough's dignified and always believable performances. He was one of those actors that had the indefinable "it" quality you always hear talked about so much in the film business, and he will definitely be missed.

What movie will you see this weekend?


Jane Russell

I've written briefly about Jane Russell before. She was great. Bummer to hear of her passing, but what a life well lived.