A Valentine from Pee Wee Herman

I found this sitting in my inbox today...ah, the glory of the mailing list.


Asian Conan and How to Survive the Conan Drought

Martial Arts artist and stand-up guy Steven Ho, who made three appearances setting up stunts for Conan on the Tonight Show, (and surely would've become a show regular given the chance) has a special surprise for you. Yes, you!

It's Asian Conan, coming exclusively to FunnyorDie.com. You think it's too good to be true, don't you? Well, my disappointed but never jaded Conan buddies, you are wrong! Things are looking up, and Asian Conan is just one way we can keep vigil during this sinister comedy blackout.

During this, the winter of our discontent, our time without any new Conan O'Brien content, (and thanks to NBC pulling all the Coco-related Tonight Show material from their website, no old content either) here you will find several Late Night and Tonight Show staffers sticking together to keep the laughs coming in the contractual absence of our fearless leader.

If you're still feeling down, there's always the I'm With Coco Facebook page, where lots of fans are sharing their favorite sketches and show moments via YouTube. If you haven't joined the cause, please fan the page. There are almost one million members, surely, we can band together and keep the numbers climbing.

You can also buy "I'm With Coco" merchandise now, with at least some of the profits (if not all, I'll have to check on that...) going to charity. It's a win/win. I know this whole ordeal may seem silly to some, but as I've explained on my blog before, there's more going on here than meets the eye.

Asian Conan also has his own Facebook page.

Do what you can to get through these lean months. I 've found that watching the 10th Anniversary Special helps quite a bit. We've all got to find a way to get through...what's yours?


My Top 12 Geek Crossovers

Because sometimes there's just too much geek to be contained by one franchise and universes simply must collide to create epic (or at the very least, nifty) crossovers. Today I present to you a very six degrees of Kevin Bacon Top 12 list, sans the Kevin Bacon.

Here are just a few of my favorites, tailored to my distinct geek tastes. This list is by no means complete. Feel free to share some of your all time favorite geek crossover moments in the comments...

1. Sherlock Holmes meets Star Trek: The Next Generation

The cast of Next Gen met fairly often with the universe of the literary world’s greatest sleuth via the Holodeck. It was always entertaining. In fact, Moriarty became something of an arch nemesis for Captain Picard and the character of Sherlock became a way for Data to study humanity in a relatable way...through the delicate and unfailing art of logic.