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My Seven Predictions for Avengers: Infinity War

UPDATE: 1 out of 7. Yikes. 

To be honest...I didn't love it. I didn't go back and see it again, which is almost unheard of for me. So....yeah. Still processing.

The great Marvel Rewatch of 2018 has concluded. I hit everything except the first two Thor movies.
(Sorry, big guy.)

The first Avengers was a masterwork of what-if scenarios involving pre-established characters. I hope this movie also takes full of advantage of quirky pairings, inevitable personality conflicts, and comic book references.

Before I head out to Avengers: Infinity War tonight, I wanted to record my predictions.

Here are my top 7:

1. I think they all die, including one or more of the Eternals*. Tony's vision in Ultron was definitely foreshadowing. The man is a genius. It wasn't just his fear Wanda saw, it was that big beautiful brain of his working through multiple probabilities.

There might be one survivor at the end. It should be Ant Man or Dr. Strange, but it will probably be Iron Man since we owe these movies to his character. Whoever it is, I believe they will use one of the stones to go back in time or to an alternate dimension to change things for the next movie.

The final frame or bonus scene will probably be a Back to the Future-esque moment of the lone survivor meeting Captain America during World War II and Cap will say, "Who are you?" The character will smile and we'll cut to black.

2. Black Widow will die protecting Captain America or vice versa. Those two are bros4lyfe and they've helped each other a lot. Actually, Cap kind of owes her a few favors by now. If we're never gonna get a Black Widow movie, I hope our talented and illustrious spy gets more of the attention in this movie and the next. She's second in seniority out of the entire cast. I mean...please give her more.

3. Someone will use the time stone to send Cap back to see Peggy OR they'll use the mind stone to make him believe he's back in time with her to either temporarily distract him or take him out of a fight completely. I know, I know...wishful thinking and how I am the king of it. I just really want a Peggy cameo.

4. Thanos will be more reasonable than we expect. All great villains must be correct in some way in order to be compelling. Marvel is great at sympathetic bad guys. Loki was kinda right about how humans were made to be ruled or dominated during vacuums of power. Ultron was right that we were killing the planet. (For the record, I still love that movie and I don't understand the mass hatred for it.)

Random relevant quote: "You're not wrong Walter, you're just an as@hole."

5. I hope Red Skull shows up. I realize that's not much of a prediction, but his absence has always bothered me. I've always believed he was supposed to be the big bad of Marvel's phase one. I thought the tesseract opened some kind of generic version of the bi-frost and transported him...I don't know...some kind of place somewhere.

I thought for sure he'd show up in Thor's universe at some point until all those reports surfaced about how much Hugo Weaving loathed the makeup and prosthetics process and swore to darken Marvel's door no more.

But it would be really great if he ponied up for a cameo to tie up that loose end.

6. One or more of the female characters form friendships. So many of them have been relegated to being the only woman on their team. It would be great if one of the Wakandan warriors commented on this in a humorous aside. Come oooooon, Bechdel...mama needs a new pair of shoes.

7. I think Hela could be percieved as the Goddess of Death and I think that's who Thanos is smiling about at the end of the first Avengers when Wesley from Buffy in prosthetics says, "...is to court death." Run on sentence, I know. I'm just...I'm amped. As mentioned in point number 4, I think Thanos will have a rock solid reason for being the Mary Poppins of murder.

I have a lot more thoughts, but I'm almost too hyped to put them down right now. I've thought maybe Vision or Loki might somehow pose as one of the other heroes at the end because said actual hero is dead. And I don't know...other stuff. Is it Christmas morning yet?!

I'm pretty much a sugar-crazed toddler right now. I've been worried about Infinity War and worried about the Russo Brothers making things so dark that the movie won't be fun to watch. But the spoiler-free reviews I've read say otherwise, so I'm officially excited.

What do you think will happen in Infinity War?

*I originally called the Eternals "Celestials" because I'm a dingbat sometimes.


The Great Marvel Re-Watch 2018: Part 2

Just finished Iron Man 2. I really love this movie. The story is rock solid. Soundtrack? Excellent. The references to Epcot are a delight. But two things really stood out for me after this viewing.

1. I really need to listen to The Clash more often.


2. The people who really love you will push you to be your best. If it weren't for the tough love Tony gets from Nick Fury and team, he'd literally be dead. It's the people who see our potential and call us on our self-sabotaging garbage who really care about us.How'd you like to have Nick Fury as a life coach?


Truthfully, I skip the Thor movies. I feel guilty about it. But...no I don't. So it's on to Captain America: The First Avenger next.


How do you prep for Marvel May?

I usually do a Marvel March prep run for Marvel May. I'm only through the first Iron Man, so I'm looking forward to continuing my re-watch.

I must admit, I'm a little worried about Infinity War. I'm the weirdo who preferred Whedon's tone to the Russo Brothers. I saw Avengers: Age of Ultron seven times in the theater and loved it.

I also prefer the tone of Ant Man, Spiderman: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok to the more serious Captain America sequels. I go to the movies to have fun and forget my troubles for a little while. Some writer/directors think that raising the stakes means making things as miserable as possible. And I know the comic version of Infinity War pretty well. It's not gonna be fun watching the heroes I love die in a bloodbath. So...yeah. Not as excited as usual this spring.

Here's the other reason I love my annual Marvel marathon. I get to revisit each movie and boil them down to a takeaway or two.

This time, Iron Man felt like a poignant reminder that sometimes a sickness, and what we have to do to care for ourselves in the face of one, can create a super power. I live with a chronic illness. I'm looking into every avenue I can in the hopes of a cure. I use every treatment available to me. (I'm currently looking into stem cell therapy.)

In his first couple appearances, Iron Man is isolated. His scattered focus means he's not spending too much time feeling sorry for himself. He just does whatever he needs to do to stay alive. He even drinks anti-inflammatory green juice. He goes through ups and downs, overmedicates from time to time.

But Tony Stark is spurred on to live as much life as he can because he knows death set up camp on his doorstep.

Tomb Raider Reaction - Respect Your Action Heroine Elders and Let People Have Their Feelings

I held back on publishing this for days. Mostly because it's a topic I've written about over and over again.

I promise this is the last post where I wax poetic about the action heroine's cinematic past. It's too broad a topic to live in comfortably.

As a writer, sometimes you have to ask yourself who you're trying to persuade. When I feel compelled to defend what I love, I think I'm writing to old bullies. Old boyfriends who told me I was wasting my time. It's time to move on to my own characters and scripts

But one last time for the people in the back. This is why Tomb Raider is important.


The Bachelor Is Over and The Bachelorette Is Now Filming!

Here's what I think we should do about that...

Seriously, people. Every day, we vote with our dollars and our viewership. Ignore this dumb garbage, and it all goes away.


American Idol Is Back

...and it weirds me out, you guys. It occurred to me last night while I was falling asleep how funny it is that we have a show called "American Idol" when that word has such an ancient, negative context.

I can't handle it when the celebrity judges emerge and the audience freaks out. Or when a contestant loses it over a celebrity. Maybe it's my own past of fangirling out coming back to haunt me...

Back in my day, there were no reality shows. And I walked uphill both ways...ugh...I'm too tired to even finish that joke. The point is, I'm old. It just makes me laugh. Golden idols, amirite? I know it seems a little silly, but I always think of this around Oscar season too.

Ancient religious references and nomenclature in modern pop culture is something I'd like to write about in more depth, actually. When you start looking for those themes, you see them everywhere.

Jurassic World Won't Be For Me, And That's Okay

This will begin as a blog about Jurassic Park, then it's going to turn into something else. What? You'll just have to see.

(Or you know, make inferences from the title.)

The brilliant and talented Michael Giacchino posted this image on his Instagram yesterday morning. I love this man's work. My husband introduced me via The Incredibles score and like many others, I then followed him through LOST and the rest of his prolific career.

In fact, I was just writing about his Star Trek score the other week.

I also love Colin Trevorrow's Safety Not Guaranteed. It was a beautiful, funny, perfectly cast indie film that had a wonder-provoking finale that made me cry happy tears. I think he's a talented director with a specific vision.

I also love the Jurassic Park franchise. In fact, I love dinosaurs. In first grade, our teacher told us we could write an extra credit report about a specific dinosaur. I went home and wrote twelve. Plus an extra report about ducks for reasons adult me simply cannot fathom. Why did that seem like a logical addition? We'll never know.

The point is, young Nerdly Nerdlington over here never does anything halfway. I think that's a pretty common trait among geeks and nerds. We'll come back to that...