When Captain Picard Met Sherlock Holmes (and Spock)

If you don't know Next Gen or Sherlock Holmes (from the books) this might feel like reading in a foreign language. Ancient Nerd, perhaps. It's wordy and old-timey. If you're not into that kind of thing, it's best you mosey along. We all know that Dr Moriarty met the crew of the NCC-1701-D. I always thought it was a shame that Holmes never got the chance. So I fixed it.

Actually, the first two parts of this can feel a bit claustrophobic. Internal monologues, amirite? Skip ahead to part 3 to get straight to some of those juxtapositional shenanigans only fanfic can provide. If you like nineties sci-fi, the original Sherlock Holmes, or gathering intel with which to mock me, by all means, continue...

Spaceship Librarian

Here's a five-page preview of a comic it's only taken me four years to make. I'm...you guys...I'm slow.

Story: Yours Truly
Art: Jen Hersey
Lettering: Justin Birch

P.S. Jen has a really great webcomic of her own titled The Sideshow. Definitely check it out!



Story: Yours Truly
Art: Javi Laparra
Lettering: Justin Birch