Seven Famous Female Action Heroines of Television

I posted this last week on another blog of mine, www.ravingfangirl.com, and it has since created some unwanted ennui in this fangirl. But I'll get to that after the list. First and most importantly, let's get to those action heroines. Here's a quick little sampling from some of my favorite shows which proves not all action heroines are tangled in the pages of a comic or trapped on celluloid.

Take note of how many action heroines on this list come from the sci-fi genre. Sigourney Weaver opened a huge door there, and it's amazing to see the continuing effect...


Kick Ass: Creating the Comic, Making the Movie - Book Review

A source over at Titan Books sent me an advance copy of a behind-the-scenes book that features lots of great information about the making of the movie adaptation of Mark Millar's extremely popular Kick Ass. 

This is a movie about what would happen if real people decided to become superheroes, even without special powers. I want to clarify right off the bat that I'm reviewing this book and not the movie or the comic.

Why would I want to be clear on that? Because if you've read the comic, you know that it's got some pretty serious R-rated material in it that I think is going to spark at least a little controversy. But I want to steer clear of that here and just talk about the book in an un-biased way.

If you're the kind of person who loves the special features that come on your DVDs and Blu-Rays, you're going to love this book. It's full of fun behind-the-scenes stories from everyone at the center of the production. If you were into the comic or even Mark Millar's other work, this book will be an extra special treat for you.

Let's dive into the details. (Which are going to diverge into a conversation about violence in comics and film.)


Life on DVD in TV - The 10 Best TV Series on DVD

TV and I...we've had our ups and downs. Growing up in the 80's, we didn't have cable, and I'm really glad. I had cable for the first time in the dorms at college, and then when I moved into my own apartment, my roomates and I had it briefly, and then a fallen tree took it out for us. Right in the middle of me watching Housesitter. We opted not to get it back, and movies became my TV. Pee Wee's Big Adventure and movies with action heroines and musicals and westerns and classic comedies and so forth.

For a few years after that, I went totally rogue. No TV at all, not even network. It was a nice phase filled with lots of music, and of course, more movies. After Jake and I were married, we had cable for about a year...but after a while, we noticed that there was nothing on that we couldn't watch for free on the internet. So we cancelled it, though I really miss the On Demand workouts. Since then however, we've been getting our TV like most people, from the internet and on DVD. It's been kind of a revelation.

I know mine is the generation of personalization, we can pick and choose exactly what we want. There are good things and bad things about that, and some geeks use it to hide from reality. I try not to be that girl. But when it comes to entertainment purposes, I find that TV on DVD seems to suit me best for multiple reasons. The biggest one being that I'm a writer, and so I can actually have a valid excuse to watch entire seasons at a time in order to study characters, arcs, what I like and don't, dissect what the writers are doing and find inspiration from it, etc. Now in order for this to all pay off someday, I guess that would mean I would have to write for television...we'll just see...

In the meantime, after a few years of being a cable hermit, barring the occasional cable gorging sessions when house-sitting for my in-laws, I find that there are some TV series that I return to again and again in phases, each for it's own special reason. Here are what I believe to be the ten best TV series on DVD. Feel free to debate away in the comments section, I know many will disagree and there's probably not much that I love more than talking with people about film and television, it can really show you the way we're bonded by pop culture, even when we disagree. I'll list the linked clip attached to every show title at the end of the paragraph for each show...


Back to the Future 25th Anniversary Event at the Hollywood Palms

Well, can I first start by kicking myself? I waited almost a week to write this, and coverage has been everywhere about this event. (My blogging has dropped off since I've been in grad school.) I've heard a lot of the same sentiments echoed that I felt that day, so let me just take a moment to say that everything I'm going to write today was discussed in the car on the drive home from the event with my husband, best friend, and her husband. So this event was powerful, powerful enough to make everyone who attended feel very similar emotions and push us all toward similar conclusions about the film and our generation. As a human race, that's good and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. As a blogger...that's bad. I was slow.

For starters, I have never been to the Hollywood Palms before, and wow...this place is a movie geek's dream. It's how every movie theater should be. It provides an experience, which is what "going to the movies" once was and should be again. I once dreamed of opening my own theater, I still do, and when I was picturing what it could be like, I have to tell you, the Hollywood Palms is pretty close. For something to actually be similar to something I could imagine, with my brain as jammed full of pop culture as it is...that's quite an impressive feat. I'm the girl who is usually dissapointed in the fact that reality is never able to compete with what I can conjure in my mind. That's probably why I love theme parks so much, they're very imagination-centric. But this place. THIS place did it, and then some. I would honestly consider relocating my living location to be closer to this place.


Assistantship! (My Very Own Ode to Joy)

I was just awarded an assistantship in my graduate department for next year. It couldn't have come at a better time either, because with my mild success in the freelance world over the last year (!!!), I won't be getting any financial aid next year.

I'll likely be teaching some sections of Freshman English. And this is who I will choose as my teaching role model. No seriously...

And in honor of the rock theme of my joy, let me just add that I totally feel like this as well, especially combined with my still lingering high off of the BTTF event last weekend!

There's just been a lot of great things happening lately after a lot of good work. My sister is cooking on her book and I'm literally just BURSTING with pride. My best friend is having some great things happening...and A BABY, as is my sister-in-law. It's just a great time. Which makes me want to

A. Go roller skating

B. Have a happy ending montage for all our collective joy

and C. Do this with everyone! Even if we have to take turns...

Now, WHO WANTS WHITE CASTLE????? Weeeeeee! White Castle and Queen...I may be onto something...


Happy Late Valentine's Day

Round Two of my sister's awesome annual Valentine's Day Cookies. You can see the previous year's cookies HERE. Just got the image in the email the other day, and they were too good not to share.