Sick Geek = Future Health Nut

I've been sickly all my life, and it's time to find out if that's because I'm just a Fuller who can't help but be puny, or if I'm actually partially responsible for what ails me. Either way, this sick geek is going to try to transform herself into a health nut in the year 2009.
"I'm sailing!"


Martin Bower's Model World

Bower with Ray Harryhausen

I recently emailed with Martin Bower, UK-based model-maker extraordinaire. This man's IMDB page doesn't do him justice. He's worked tirelessly in the film industry as a model-making wizard. You've seen his work time and again, even if you didn't know it.

He can’t tell us about his current, super-secret L.A. projects, or he’d have to kill us. (Assassinated by studio ninjas, perhaps?) But he can talk about his new model-making magazine, a bit about Ray Harryhausen, and why he still prefers to spell things the British way.

Martin recently released his new quarterly magazine, "BOWERHOUSE: Martin Bower's Model World", and is currently nearing completion on volume 2. Learn more about it here http://scifimodels.org.uk/

While he's busy making promotional rounds, I wanted to give him the chance to say what most interviewers choose to edit out.

To me, that's the good stuff. The best stuff. And it's all right here.