31 Days of Halloween

I know October is almost over. By now, you've probably seen the new Halloween, The Haunting of Hill House, and our sweet, beloved Hocus Pocus and Nightmare Before Christmas about 43 times. (And if you haven't, what are you waiting for?)

If you're all funned out, if your inspiration is waning, check this list I made a few years ago. It has suggestions you may have overlooked. Some are cult classics, others will be new to you.

31 Days of Halloween

Ghost Story is an important precursor to movies like What Lies Beneath. Robert Wise's The Haunting is the foundation for The Haunting of Hill House. If you're a chicken like me, there are plenty of cop-outs. I highly recommend Transylvania 6-5000 and High Spirits, flicks we simply must do more to push into the cult classic category.

If you're looking for some fun reads, I re-edited my dorky FanFiction (totally safe for work, the playground, church, etc.) Mulder and Scully Visit the Haunted Mansion.

I also shared my poem Monsters' Girlfriends via Twitter and Instagram. Because I'm needy. 

Happy Halloween! What are you watching?


Mulder and Scully Investigate the Haunted Mansion

It's almost Halloween and it's fanfiction Friday. I just had to do something about that.*

My favorite episodes of The X-Files were always "monster of the week". This term refers to a standalone episode that doesn't affect the overall story arc of the series. Very often, writers use these episodes to celebrate holidays or reward diehard fans with wish fulfillment.

In my opinion, the very best of these were The Ghosts Who Stole Christmas, Triangle and Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-MonsterIn the grand tradition of weird one-offs, I bring you my very own X-Files episode, wherein Mulder and Scully investigate The Haunted Mansion

If enough people ask for it, I'll share the second and third acts. (I originally wrote this in script format, but over the years, I've learned that nobody likes to read script format on the internet. So I turned it into fiction instead.)

Hello Giggles Articles

In 2016, I began contributing to Hello Giggles. I wish I had more time to write for them because I really appreciate an organization that amplifies the voices of women and girls.

And I'm proud to say one of my articles even made it into one of their editor's Best of 2016 lists.

Here are a few more of my articles:

10 Productive Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

8 Movies and TV Shows To Help You Feel Brave

I talked to Ashley Eckstein of "Star Wars" about empowering fangirls, running a business, and harnessing the power of positivity. (Hello Giggles called this one a "must read" and I wrote a follow-up here.)

What TMJ taught me about listening to my body

What I learned growing up with a mom who ran a singing telegram business

How Changing My Hair Color Taught Me A Life Lesson

How other women's stories of surviving sexual assault taught me to let go of shame


Today's Writing Exercise

Several months ago, my friend Trish recommended a writing exercise wherein you catalogue the lies your characters believe. I recently had the chance to try with my characters from Leaves. (A script in desperate need of fixing. I love it so much I avoid it. That's healthy, right?)

Results are below, and they give away a pretty big plot point.

10 Museums from Pop Culture (Real and Fictional)

I work in a museum right now. On my lunch break, I can wander up to the galleries or out to the gardens. I'm so busy I almost never do. But still, it's an option. For a dreamer, that's pretty ideal. 

For me, museums have always been places of great freedom. My cousins and I went to museums a lot as children. We played a game wherein we pretended to get lost just so we could be on our own all day. It was soooo long ago that if you were within the walls of the museum, you knew, you just knew, you'd be safe. We somehow always found our parents by closing time and they were never mad and it was just the greatest. (It worked at Disney World too.)

I'm too busy to do much more than have a gif party below in honor of these 10 Museums from Pop Culture, but I hope you enjoy. (I definitely saved the best entry for last.)

1. Indiana Jones in every movie (but the gif is from Last Crusade) - The National Museum at Marshall College

2. Ferris Bueller's Day Off - The Art Institute of Chicago

And now...a montage...

3. L.A. Story - Los Angeles County Museum of Art

4. The Mummy - Museum of Antiquities

5. Ocean's Twelve - Galleria D'Arte di Roma

6. Jab Harry Met Sejal - Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

7. The Squid and the Whale - American Museum of Natural History

8. Ghostbusters II - Manhattan Museum of Art

9. When Harry Met Sally - The Metropolitan Museum of Art

10. Batman - Flugelheim Museum

What museums did I miss? Do you still love to get lost in a museum?

P.S. While drafting this, I found, Museum People's Tattoos. It's a delightful blog I discovered by accident and I love it.

Also, there was a popular book titled From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankenweiler about a girl who sneaks into a museum and stays past closing time. They even made it into a movie. Any other nineties kids remember it?