The Top 12 Movie and Television Sets I Wish I Could Visit or Live On

I spend way too much time daydreaming about this topic. Sometimes my plan involves winning the lottery and faithfully recreating the sets myself. Other days I hotly debate the idea of an illegal break-in to a studio lot or private location that was once used as a set.

Having been on hot sets, I know they're full of tape and wires and lights and teamsters. So I guess more so what I'm talking about here would be more like a private playground of movie sets.

While none of those are practical, a gal can still dream. Believe it or not, narrowing it down to twelve was difficult. You may notice some overlap from my "Movies That Should Be Theme Park Rides" list from a month or so ago. What can I say? When I get obsessed with something, I stick with it.

In no particular order, they are...


10 Happy Movie Tunes Guaranteed To Cheer You Up

If you're happy, or if you need to be, check the list below. If you are and you already know it, clap your hands.

Some of my choices are pure nostalgia. Others are downright random. But these are the 10 songs that can cheer me up instantaneously. (Plus, one bonus apology pick.)

I made a playlist on Spotify for just such a purpose, and many of these songs made the cut. Some of them have been with me my whole life. I remember listening to Angela Lansbury's Step in the Right Direction as I drove myself to college orientation. And Life's a Happy Song on my way to audition for Titanic. (I got the role.)

If you don't have your own playlist, I highly encourage you to make one. It can really come in handy. Until then, borrow mine.