Destination Truth

Destination Truth to Premiere September 3rd, 2009
In 2008, the little cable show that could, the second season of the Sci Fi Channel's, "Destination Truth" premiered on March 5th.


The Star Trek: Next Gen Family Guy episode

I never watch Family Guy. I liked it a lot when it premiered back in my high school days, but have since found it to be not funny in the slightest. (I'm more of a South Park girl, especially they're episode about Family Guy. Even though, I can only stand them about half the time anymore.) It doesn't go for jokes anymore, it's %100 gags. It sort of depends upon an audience that will laugh at things even if they don't get it, because it's Family Guy, and Family Guy is funny, so you laugh at it. It's like laughing at the popular girl's jokes, even when they're not funny at all.

But last night, I ran into it by accident while switching channels and saw that they had the entire cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation on. It sounded like almost everybody obliged by lending their voices. I remember Wil Wheaton talking about working for Family Guy on his blog a while back, so I'm assuming this is what he was referring to.

Well, the Star Trek stuff was HYSTERICAL. It was off-the-charts funny. It was perfection. I think I liked it better than an actual reunion of the cast in any serious format. It was pricelessly funny, and then...

I felt completely tricked by Seth McFarlane. He tricked me. He lured me into watching again, for the first time in years, only to preach at me. He used the biggest shiniest bait he could find, the Next Gen cast, and then he viciously ripped me out of the ocean and tortured me. The Star Trek stuff was funny the whole way through, but what was the other plot line????

Drumroll please.....

Dumb Christians! (Which is second in the entertainment world only to evil preachers, think about it, they're EVERYWHERE in film and television. Need a fall guy? Write yourself an evil corrupt preacher!)

Well, naturally, the plot centered around Meg finding Jesus. Except she didn't really "find" Jesus at all. (He doesn't hide, people...) She joined a religion.

To be fair, Family Guy is an equal opportunity offender. They make fun of everyone and everything, so it's not that I feel personally offended. I respect equal opportunity offenders for their place in society, we need someone to cut it all down sometimes. (A la the Monty Python boys.) I'm just sick of hearing all about how Christians are morons. How people who believe in Jesus are brainwashed and mean, judgemental and stupid. It's just old. Old, old, old.

The thing is, I am well aware that there are many faces to modern Christianity. I'm not afraid to say that most of them have it wrong. Horrible things and bad ideas have been done in the name of Jesus since he was around and will probably keep happening until the end of time. So again, I'm not sensitive to some mythical Christian ideal. Christians are just people and people are almost always stupid.

Actually, the more I type, the more I realize that I'm just annoyed. I certainly didn't expect anything less from Family Guy. Like I said, they give everybody the business. I guess it's just that this seems to be the increasingly popular opinion. Bible-thumper, brainwashed, stupid...these are all very familiar terms to me. Like everyone else on the planet, I guess I just don't want to be judged before someone even knows me, or spoken for, or lumped into a group of people that are actually nothing like me.

It's easy to make fun of the Christians who are obviously doing it wrong, who are racist, who are cruel, etc. But what about those of us who, even though we're still getting it wrong in one way or the other, are genuinely trying to love God and love people? Can we have a new category or something? Can I officially just ask to disband the word, "christian" for what it has become? Can I move to put myself under some kind of new title, something like, "person who loves Jesus and believes he was the Son of God who died for all our sins who tries really hard to love God and love people but isn't a racist pig or brainwashed idiot"? I guess that's a little too long...

Yes, I am aware of how squeamish this topic can make people. But this is exactly how I felt watching Family Guy last night, because it seems to me that a TV show preaching about how Atheists have it the hardest in this world and how Christians are the universal bad guys...ugh...I just wanted to be entertained and geek out to Star Trek: Next Gen.

"Dumb Christians" is very quickly becoming the new fart joke, the new toilet humor. It's just too easy, you hardly have to work at all to make fun of us. We believe in the son of God, who ROSE FROM THE DEAD. Talk about kooky. So on that front, I guess I can just say...go on ahead. We're easy targets, honestly, and I do totally "get it". I get what's funny about some of us, but we're not all jerks and idiots.

Some of us are geeks and nerds and yuppies, just like you Seth McFarlane.

I wish there could be some kind of foreign exchange program for people who really try to live their lives with Jesus to spend time with people who have been hurt by "christians" to try and make the peace. Repair the gap, apologize for all the genuinely dumb christians who have hurt people instead of ministering to them or helping them. I'll just say it for us, "I'm sorry". We pretty much deserve all the mainstream media floggings you can dish out, Seth.

Just consider the fact that we're not all the worst of the worst, and maybe in a few years time, your dumb brainwashed christians can look a little more like the well-meaning but dumb Ned Flanders from, "The Simpsons". Then maybe someday soon, Christian characters can just be another part of the show instead of being the train wrecks or villains that they usually are. But until then, I won't hold my breath.


It's a very Steve Martin Friday, Charlie Brown

You know the drill, first things first, weekly column is HERE.

I found out that my high school is doing, "Little Shop of Horrors" which lead me to a very nostalgic feeling for Steve Martin. So this week is an all Steve Martin version of Friday Night Videos. Behold, the main reason why I wish I could play the banjo and the ukelele...

I'm having a tough time finding my most favorite clip embeddable, so you'll just have to follow THIS LINK for your cinematic after-dinner mint:


For Gwen

This song is for you, the dog we picked up wandering around a parking lot on Sunday. You were dumped, dirty, and hungry. We wanted to help, even though we live in a small college apartment and don't have much of a budget for kibble.

You were adorable, quiet, and sweet. I'll never understand how your owners could've given you up. Someone will love you just swell. I promise. Until then, enjoy the huge backyard at your foster home, we'll miss you.


Geeks Have All The Talent

My friend Paul Brown (we're not related...that I know of) out in L.A. finally put up the short film he's been working on for months! It's a highly entertaining mix of CG and real-life...and he basically did it all by himself. It's very awesome, and I just wanted to show it to anyone who visits GHATF. I can't imagine how many hours this took to do. He worked with iClone on the effects, and I imagine it was a pretty tall order.

Also, here's a link to another blog that discovered it and posted it today. I feel quite proud of him!!! Nice work Gumshoe!



Friday Night Videos - 3/21/09

First things first, Weekly Column Is Here.

Leading us down the rabbit hole this week is Goonies.

Continuing the 80's movies theme...

And here's one that not too many people know about, all chock-full of Chevy Chase/Martin goodness.

My sole wedding-related regret was that I didn't have this version of ZZ Top's "Double Back" played at the reception, complete with impromptu hoe-down. (I still think that ZZ Top got their whole beard-thing from the Marx Brothers' "A Night At The Opera".)

May your weekend be as awesome as a Harold Faltermeyer score. Godspeed.


Links Galore (That would be my Bond girl name.)

As you may have noticed, I've been rather neglectful of this little blog lately. That's because I've been writing a lot more articles lately. If only there were 48 hours in every day...alas, not so much. Therefore, I thought I'd post a few links just to prove that I've really been up to something and not just sitting back eating bob-bons with face-mask on. (Though that does sound nice.) We also had some dental madness this week on Tuesday, but everything is fine now. I'll just say this, I still have my last two wisdom teeth and Jake spent the whole day with a numb mouth and a headache.

Tomorrow, I have to re-draft a Geek Monthly article, publish my weekly column, and write yet more articles. Gotta do a script too. But that's fun work.

By the way, Betty White is on, "My Name Is Earl" right this second, and she's genius! What a career. The Carol Burnett show, Golden Girls, her million priceless guest appearances. Also, Tracy Morgan's episode of SNL was great. It's been a long time since I watched an episode the entire way through. Anyway, here's a little bit of what I've been up to...

How to Be a Golden Girl

The Hotel Where You Won't Be Murdered In Your Sleep

The Best Ride At Disneyland

In Defense of Overboard

Theme Park Channel

Jake goes to school with a brilliant young entrepreneur named Jeff Guilkey. Jeff runs "Coaster Warriors" the website, and I've been fortunate to work with him on some of the early marketing efforts for the HUGE launch of, "Theme Park Channel" in Spring of 2010. (Jake and I are also filming a pilot show for the website/future network in April at King's Island with the help of the talented Josh Rosentreter.) This is the press release that Jeff originated and I edited announcing the Theme Park Channel.

"Welcome to Theme Park Channel! A website devoted exclusively to theme parks, amusement parks, family entertainment centers, ride manufactures, park chains, roller coasters, thrill rides, and so much more! Theme Park Channel has everything that true roller coaster and park fanatics have been wanting for so long. We're prepared to dive into the details of the theme park industry like no other site ever has before.

In addition to up-to-minute daily news, reviews, exclusive videos, blogs, contests and features, you’ll also get the latest info on new roller coasters, rides, attractions, and more every week. You'll also be treated to sneak peeks for the upcoming webisodes from our hosts for various shows on Theme Park Channel. There will be something for everyone.

Have you always dreamed of contributing to something like Theme Park Channel? Well, we can grant your wish! Brand new Features like "everyone’s a critic" will allow you to write the reviews, right there on the main page for all the world to see. Theme Park Channel will let you critique various parks by allowing you to showcase your very own past trips on the Theme Park Channel’s Forum!

News… Webisodes… Lifestyle… Interaction… Entertainment… We have it all here, waiting for you!

Launching in Spring 2010, we're currently cresting up the final hill and preparing for the first big drop. We can't wait to show you the whole new website! Be there!"

I can't wait for the full-scale ramp-up and filming of the show!!!


American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, and the man with no soul

Megan Joy from American Idol is my absolute favorite contestant this year. (I don't usually watch the show, so maybe I should say she's my all-time favorite?) I love the whole thing, I love her sleeve tattoo, love her jazz/blues style, love the Patsy Cline song, love it. All of it. I'm actually surprised that someone with such a unique jazz-standard voice would make it so far. Kudos to AI for doing the right thing. I don't vote, but if I did, it would be for her.

Also, Steve Wozniak did NOT get voted off. Which means I have to continue to watch for him and DAG. Jake and I were talking about our favorite David Alan Grier roles last night as we watched the show. (Translation: As I watched the show and as Jake tolerated being in the same room as the show.) Mine is definitely his role from, "Amazon Women On The Moon". Don "no soul" Simmons.

The freelance work rolls on today, and preparation for a very special "Geeks Have All The Fun" webisode continues.


Geek In Review + Your St. Pat's Day Treat

Monday nights are still great as ever for geeks when it comes to the ol' idiot box. I actually managed to watch the second episode of "DWTS" as some call it, and Steve Wozniak is just SO DARN ADORABLE. They should make plushy toys shaped just like him. I would buy at least one, possibly more. The Big Bang Theory was back in form, and even though Medium was a re-run, I think it rounded out the evening nicely.

Things have been a whirlwind lately, albeit, a self-imposed whirlwind. I've just been working a ton, (Yep, 2000 lbs. worth of effort.) and preparing for some projects. I've essentially been setting up professional dominoes. But I've noticed that the more I work, the more I also close out my creativity. So I decided to take a break today to get back to artsy stuff. I've planned ahead for my column this week, I'm still thinking about writing my Garrison Keillor-ish essay, and last Thursday's interview with Cory Doctorow went swimmingly.

Though I will say this, geeks be warned, should you purchase a DVR for interviews, you will cringe as you listen to yourself being completely asocial when you have to listen to it again to transcribe your interview. I am constantly reminded that I really am living my own version of, "The Chris Farley Show" every time I talk to someone of note. It's my thing I guess...no avoiding it. My life as a writer will just have to be filled with fangirl quirks and awkward nerdy laughs at inappropriate times. I'm okay with that.

Also, I know that spring is coming, because Indiana Jones fever has really hit me hard. I mean, I guess I kind of live in a fevered delierium of Indiana Jones fandom. It's my favorite anything ever of all time. How's THAT for a qualifier? But it seems like I really get the itch to dig into the special features and watch all the movies right when spring rolls around. I think it's because I'm starting to awaken from my winter-induced carbo-coma. I can actually imagine myself outdoors and start craving adventure like mad. I think I might have to come up with some more creative ways to satiate my cravings for all things Indy in the future. How many times can I watch the movies? I might have to start planning some kind of real life trips or adventures or something...

I have to get going, I'm doing a teeny little acting gig today and really need to get moving on preparing. Until next time fellow geeks...

Oh yeah, Happy St. Patrick's Day. (I've been so busy I didn't have time to come up with a clever St. Pat's day clip or list or story. So this'll just have to do.)


Friday Night Videos - Moustache Madness

First up, the weekly column is HERE.

Now onto the Friday Night Videos: This Week's theme? Moustache Madness!

Have a GREAT WEEKEND! Keep your upper lip warm.


Dancing with the Geeks

Against my better judgement, I watched, "Dancing with the Stars" last night. I was pleasantly surprised to see a couple of geeks out there, but the best one of all was Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak. He was adorable, suprisingly limber, and looked like a giant Ewok. Coming from me, that's a compliment. I liked him, as well as David Alan Grier. Who also did really well. My favorite part of watching DAG last night, was watching him not be able to just behave like a normal person. Much like Conan, everything he does comes across like he's shooting an on-location comedy segment. I loved that, and it gave me quite the chuckle.

I also found the dancing cowboy amusing, and got a surprisingly big kick out of seeing Melissa from, "The Bachelor" doing a really beautiful dance number in a hideously early 90's Cher-like, made of netting, sparkly top thing.

I can feel myself being dragged in by ABC's gravitational pull. I've always wondered what the big deal was about the show. I get the feeling though, that I'll watch, "Dancing with the Stars" the same way that I watch, "American Idol". Only for the cute or funny phases where people show up and do a bad job. Behold, Wozniak...the super Geek! Keep him in mind, fellow geeks, when you start to think that you are a loser...


It's a Belafonte kinda week

If this doesn't get your week off to a chipper start, something is very very very wrong with you inside.

I feel all tropical inside! Say, speaking of bugs and birds...sorry about the ad. I could only find this on Hulu. (Alec Baldwin's always throwing a wrench in my plans.)

I smell a final re-draft of my Hawaiian adventure movie coming, and coming fast. I've got several synopses to finish too, but the main event this week will be my interview with Cory Doctorow. After having read, "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom" this week, I'm certainly loaded with questions. There's just something really comforting knowing that other people who are addicted to Disney rides have made it big.

Have a good week geeks.


Friday Night Videos - concentrated edition

It's been a loaded potato of a week. Wait, that makes it sound good. It's been loaded gun? No, that's too far into bad territory. It's been a week loaded with things to do. There, that's better. It just plain old flew by, in record time. Almost faster than the eye could see. So this week, I'm desperately in some need of some awesome 80's videos. I mean, they're always good for you. But I just feel like I actually need them this week. Can one form an addiction to an entire decade? We shall see I guess...

However, first up, my weekly column is focused on Watchmen this week. I decided to try to write something timely, instead of just babbling on about whatever action heroine I feel like discussing. Here's what I learned. If you write about something random, people tell you your stuff isn't relevant or timely. If you write about something timely, people tell you that you're just trying to be like everyone else and that they're sick of hearing about whatever timely topic you're expounding on. So it's back to babblesville for me next week, I believe. Either way, THIS is the result of my last minute scramble to get my hands on The Watchmen comics in their entirety and my first impression of the Silk Spectre.

On a random note, I also came up with a new goal this week. Someday, I want to hear Garrison Keillor read one of my non-fiction essays. Preferably on NPR's, "The Writer's Almanac". He picks random essays, often times about the little things in life. So next week, I'm going to write an essay designed specifically to be read by him, then I'll pray to the God of unknown little punk writers that someday, somehow...I'll get to hear him reading it. It shall be about cups. Just you wait, it'll be all perfect and Keillory and he won't be able to resist it. Maybe I'll have it delivered to him along with a box of chocolates or something...

So, onto the 80's videos. It gets a little random this week, I'm afraid. But this first one WILL NOT dissapoint. Are you a fan of Ricky Gervais? The BBC Office, Extras, etc. Well, get a load of this...

And of course, one of my all time favorites. Many of you have been subjected to this by me at several times in your life. But like a great seasonal piece of clothing, it comes out again and again, year after year.

Let's roll with this vibe, shall we? I'm feeling an 80's movie musical thing happening here. Tina Fey and her team of writers were generous enough to gift us with a near perfect episode of 30 ROCK this week centered around, "Harry and the Hendersons. So it's quite fitting really.

Get ready for all the finger snapping, white-guy moves you can handle!

And here's your after dinner mint.

Ahhhh, breakdancing...my true calling in life.

Have a good weekend everybody! Take the time to de-stress, I know I'm going to. As Levar Burton would say, "I'll see ya next time!"


Geek T-Shirts

I know that there are a blue million geek gifts and geek clothing stores out there. I do now anyway. I actually didn't know this at all before, not until I decided to create some of my own with my friend Aron. It brought up all the bad memories of all the things I thought I had invented but already existed. Ahem, chocolate flavored soda.

But this link still offers you my own special brand of Geek Wear.

(Psssst...I just learned about Google Keywords today. This is my thinly veiled first attempt at seeing if it makes a difference in my numbers. I know, I'm completely shameless...)

Happy Anniversary!

Jake and I have been married for three years today, and I just got the best gift I could imagine. Wil Wheaton has managed to get both Brent Spiner (Data) AND Levar Burton (Geordi, not to relegate either actor to just one of their many roles) onto Twitter. I mean, not for my anniversary. Probably just a happy coincidence. I just think it's nice that I found out today. Makes the happy occasion even happier. It took me a while to get with Twitter, I've never enjoyed Instant Messaging, so I didn't think that I would enjoy Twitter at all. But I was so wrong...so so wrong.

If I've been slow at blogging or checking others sites lately, it's because I've been working toward some obsessive compulsive goals. I wanted to reach 100 articles over at Associated Content and EHow.com. I've reached that goal over at AC, and am only 30 away at EHow. Not too shabby. I don't have a clue if it will affect my income in any way, but I just woke up a week ago and decided to do it.

As a writer, I used to be a terrible snob about those websites. I went back and forth about whether or not I felt "comfortable" writing just for money. I'm a natural rebel, so I fight against things even when I shouldn't. It's a nasty habit. I felt like I was selling out by writing product reviews and list entries and hotel reviews and travel advice. But writing as a career is a job like any other. It's about making money, and if I can do that with boring product reviews and simple travel articles...why the HECK not?

It's easier now because I keep this blog and have my weekly column and all my freelance magazine writing, so I don't feel so bad about "selling out for the man". Writing is writing, and I'm not exactly a best-selling author yet. Maybe someday when I am, (Or my sister is, oh yeah...it's all in the family!) I can revert to my diva ways and only write about all the great pillars of Geekdom. (Pop culture, movies, Star Trek, Star Wars,the Muppets, Pirates, etc.) Let's be honest, I'd probably just become a professional guest at Disney World. Now that's a goal.

Until then, can I interest you in a product review?


TV Round-Up

Who calls things, "round ups" anymore? Consider it a symptom of an addiction to the Toy Story movies.
Well, I've taken a couple of days off of everything, because I worked myself into oblivion last week. This week will be a long one too, but a fun one. I have to get my hands on a copy of "The Watchmen" graphic novel for my column this Friday. I'm excited about having a reason to finally read it.

But on Sunday and Monday, pretty much all I did was watch television. I could write an entire paragraph on how I should be ashamed of myself, but I think I'll just skip it and get to my thoughts on some of what I watched. I haven't complained about anything for two days flat, so spread out.
The Amazing Race: As I was lounging about doing nothing Sunday night, I stopped to watch this. As luck would have it, they were going to be in Romania, to two of the places where I spent the most time. Bucharest and Brasov. I saw the Gara De Nord, the famously dangerous train station, and that was about all they showed of the capital city. Then it was off to Brasov and Castle Bran, which I remember vividly. It was nice to see it all again. And then...they decided to show some gypsies. One of the challenges involved what they called the "gypsy haul" or something like that. The challenge? To load a bunch of junk onto a horse-drawn cart and get it from point A to point B. I'm not even kidding. (Because you know...that's what gypsies do.) The other challenge involved coffins and blood and stakes. To top it all off, they decided to have some gypsies partying in the background. It was stereotype city. It was so painfully awkward, so blatantly exploitative. The Roma looked extremely uncomfortable on camera. The producers saw fit to distribute what appeared to be a fair amount of alcohol as well, I'm assuming to reinforce the idea that all gypsies are raging alcoholics. Nice CBS, real nice...

Oprah: I actually heard Oprah go on and on yesterday about how she packs her lunch to save $7.00 a day. She did an entire show on how people should simplify their lives in order to save money and have more quality time with their families. You know what I was thinking? Doy.

She said they should get rid of clutter and computers, and get this...televisions. A.) I don't buy that Oprah wants people to get rid of their t.v.s and B.) Really Oprah? (I'm going to get a little sassy here.) You want us to believe that you are in the least bit money conscious? I think it's nice and all what she's trying to do. But wasn't it just a few years ago that she was televising her lavish parties and her spiritual cruises where everyone had to wear white?

I find it laughable and highly unbelievable that all of the sudden she's into minimalism and economizing. I mean, I'm grateful that she's trying at least...but she just doesn't even look comfortable talking about how she's "one of us". She's Oprah, she'll never be one of us. She's like an American demi-God...practically a church. A place where housewives and new-age groupies go to worship at the altar of good advice. I haven't watched an episode of Oprah in a good long while, and I found it weird and slightly unnerving. If we had cable, I'd be willing to put money down that one of the moments where she was talking about saving money would end up on The Soup this Friday. Don't fail me now Joel McHale....

The Big Bang Theory: I love this show. But I think there's some preemptive work they should do in the writer's room to ensure that it heads more in the territory of Friends and less in the territory of 3rd Rock From The Sun. You see, that show suffered a quick loss of momentum, due to characters that never grew. The wacky aliens were always the same amount of socially awkward, and the show was usually only about their awkwardness, plot-wise. Friends, on the other hand, took the initial neruoses of it's characters and used them as secondary plot devises. The gang gets stranded in the middle of nowhere, how will they each react? Instead of just watching them in their apartment being neurotic all the time. In other words, the writers took the show on the road. This caused the characters to evolve, and suddenly, there were different plot-lines. Different combinations of significant others, new apartments, etc. The audience could roll with the changes, because the stage was effectively set in the writing. Rachel didn't have to be a waitress forever, it didn't matter what emphasis Phoebe was putting on which career, etc.

My fear for The Big Bang Theory is that they've done too good a job with the geeks. Sheldon is taking the lead as head geek, and almost every episode is about all the geeks reacting to him. They're all being awkward with women and spewing scientific theories and pop-culture facts and being annoying. Which, let's face it, that's what us geeks do best. But the audience needs to start seeing changes in their lives. How will they react if Howard moves in? If Penny moves out? If Rajesh gets a makeover? What can Penny start teaching them, instead of how can Penny react every week to their differences? Things need to grow and change, otherwise...the shtick will die down quickly. To keep an audience involved, they need to care. Right now, the show is on thin ice as far as what kind of a future it faces...but I love it so much. I hope they can fortify the characters enough to build the show for the long haul. Because there's just no substitute for hearing characters on a mainstream t.v. show talk about comics and Star Wars and the Klingon language on such a regular basis. It's like buttah...