John Williams conducts orchestra at Universal Orlando's Wizarding World ...

Another look at Williams conducting in addition to the Frog Choir and Opening Fireworks ceremony...it's so incredible to see him working.

Happy Tears via the Grand Opening of the Wizarding World Last Night

It's the music of John Williams, it gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME. Oh to have been there...to actually see John Williams conducting an orchestra! If you want to see this videos on their site, please visit Inside The Magic's YouTube page HERE.


Cinematic Therapy for the Economically Depressed - 10 Movies for Those Hard at Work

Its summer blockbuster season. Usually, this is the time of year when I like to sit back and lose myself in a popcorn flick. I've already seen "The Losers," and,"Iron Man 2". But I'll admit, it's been a bit more challenging to check out emotionally when the economic downturn has me stressed.

While I might not have the total brain vacation I've grown accustomed to this summer, that doesn't mean I can't still use movies as therapy.

There are plenty that show characters dealing with monetary setbacks, career problems, and complete life overhauls. Here are just a few I’d like to recommend. The next time you're feeling fatalistic or overworked, try these on for size...