Toy Story 3

Let the countdown begin...

So how long until we get another, "Monsters Inc."?

Also, I read somewhere this week that Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort is refurbishing some of their rooms to be, "Pirates of the Caribbean" themed. Very exciting, no? Staying at that resort was by far and away the best vacation experience I've ever had. This new theming may provide the perfect excuse to return. Until then, take these decorating cues for how to spruce up your own home to be ride themed.

How to Decorate a Room Based on Disney's "Enchanted Tiki Room" or "Jungle Cruise" Attractions
Decorating Tips for Disney Geeks

Also, here's a review of our time at the Beach Resort.

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort
Is this Disney Hotel Worth The Cost?

Haven't seen, "UP" yet, but I'm in major anticipation over it. MAJOR. Jungle adventures are my all time favorites. The adventure genre in general takes the cake for me. I'm trying to stay on radio silence with it until I see it, because I want to be surprised. But I'm telling you, I'm drooling...


The Star Wars Hyperspace Hoopla and other various Star Wars buffoonery

Oh, this is good. And by "good", I mean, Star Wars Christmas Special good.

It's all reminding me of this little ditty...

Of course, pretty much nothing will beat this. Ever. It's the EPIC FAIL that will never get old. It takes a LOT of effort to be flat on every single note.


Wanna Talk Shop?

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Also, take note of the snazzy new background. It's based on the LCARS system featured on the computer screens of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The backgrounds will likely change frequently...

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Don't listen to us Lucas!

Do what you mentioned a year ago HERE. It's your creation, you can do whatever you want with it. If I could collectively cover the mouths of all of the disgruntled geeks of the world, I would. We all have our points, I know. And I'm not saying we're always wrong. But right and wrong don't matter at this point. I don't want Indy to die...

I was writing THIS today and I was inserting some links. Naturally, I linked to IMDB's Crystal Skull page. After my article was done and published, I went back to wander around on the page some more, just browse for a little while. Then I got into the comments section. There were some good solid discussions. I myself was on a roller coaster about KOTCS last year when it was released, right about this time actually.

But as the year has gone on, I don't care about all the things I initially complained about. I care, of course, but not enough to never want to see another Indy again. I just want them to make another one, as soon as humanly possible. I'm an addict and Lucas is my pusher. I NEED more Indiana Jones.

"Temple of Doom" is a film that I absolutely LOVE. But I know a lot of people who hate it so much they wish it had never been made. Well, maybe "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" can just be the new Temple of Doom. A weak entry into the series, not everyone's favorite, but one that people can allow themselves to like. I own it. I watch it from time to time. There are things I don't like about it, but there are things I don't like about every movie. That doesn't mean it should be disowned and the franchise abandoned.

I've been at a crossroads lately. I almost crossed the line into that kind of fanhood that just feels miserable. Where you hate everything because you're a purist only. Where you can't ever have fun at the movies because you're just counting the mistakes. If I was that rigid and unforgiving when I was a kid, I wouldn't even like any of the movies that I love now...Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Star Trek, Back to the Future, and more.

I was becoming a snobby fangirl instead of a geeky fangirl who actually loves what she obsesses over.

So where was my turn-around? The new Star Trek.

You see, Star Trek has taught me a lesson. One that seems counter-intuitive to everything I've been taught over the years. It's that nothing is sacred. Our beloved franchises CAN be resurrected. I have hope again, I feel less cynical. Less like the "nothing ever makes me happy"
movie geek and more like the, "bring it on" kind of fan.

So I'm changing my tune. I'd like to see the team ramp up for ONE MORE try. Bring Shia back, hurry and get Harrison signed before it's too late. Give it another go, leave the sci-fi behind and get to work! Don't mind our grousing about details and aliens and CGI. We'll be good this time, I promise. If I have to personally clamp my hand over the mouth of every negative, Nick Burns-type whiny geek in order to see it happen...so help me, I'll find a way...


Blast From the Past

Guess who?

I find myself wandering over to THIS SITE from time to time.

I really like her as an actress and would love to see her do more mainstream film. I think she's pretty choosy nowadays, and she's certainly busy with charity work and theater. I'm just saying, I think she'd fit in nicely in a new television show or big studio film.

She was such a strong female presence. I think with the new Gossip Girl/90210/Melrose Place vibe on tv now, she could really come on the scene and show those girls a thing or two about real womanhood.

For some reason, right around this time every year, I experience a resurgence in my X-Files fandom. It starts with watching random DVDs from the library and usually culminates in a 4th of July tradition for me, watching the X-Files episode, "Queen Anne" that is almost always on television...with it's patriotic awesomeness. Jake is also always good enough to hunt down my second favorite episode for me, "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas". Around mid-July or so, the phase ends, usually as swiftyly as it comes.

Weird, huh...

Oh, speaking of strong women in television, here's the column this week.




Just another reason to go see the movie. (And to love scifiwire.com)

Jake keeps talking about how we need to keep the profits up for Star Trek. We can't let it make less than, "Wolverine"!

Image: reelcomix.com

Adventureland at Walt Disney World

All this Disney talk is making me nostalgic for a park visit, and a special trip to my favorite part of, "Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom". Adventureland! Here are ride reviews of the "big four". The attractions that make adventureland at WDW so great. I do honestly think it's the best part of the park, what do you think?

The Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland
What's so great about this retro Hawaiian musical filled with animatronics and beautiful show-lighting? Though that question alone sort of answers itself.

Walt Disney World's "Pirates of the Caribbean" Ride
A spoiler-free ride review that lets you know what to expect without ruining all of the fun.
The Jungle Cruise at Walt Disney World
An outdated attraction or a classic ride?

The Swiss Family Treehouse at Walt Disney World
Don't miss this one-of-a-kind walk-through adventure pulled right from the big screen.

If you're a fan of Adventureland in Disneyland of Anaheim, California, then this attraction is a big draw for you.

"The Indiana Jones Adventure" at Disneyland
Who should ride this one and who should skip it?

I NEED Disney Music

As much as I love the soothing sounds of the chainsaw-wielding hedge-trimmer working outside my window, I need something else to listen to.

I'll be following my own advice today from THIS ARTICLE.

Of course, it's also fun to google some of the queue music from rides like, "The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror" and, "The Jungle Cruise". Maybe I'll do that instead.

Pirates 4

I'm just getting hit with my first waves of curiosity about the fourth, "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie. It's probably because Star Trek is out, Indiana Jones has come and gone, the anticipation over Harry Potter 6 will soon be over, and after that, there's nothing I'm really geeking out about movie-wise.

Granted, there are lots of movies that I want to see, but there's a special kind of anticipation about the giant summer blockbusters. I've always enjoyed the waiting process. Checking out behind-the-scenes production stuff, reading rumors, be they true or false. So I'm surprised at the lack of speculation out there on Pirates 4.

It was officially announced last year when Johnny Depp himself comfirmed the film as Jack Sparrow at a Disney shareholders meeting. Imagine, Johnny Depp doing the equivalent of a singing telegram for Disney investors. He must really love doing the Pirates movies. It just makes me like him even more that he's not a snob about his work. (Admittedly, I am really looking forward to, "Public Enemies".)

Also, the first Pirates movie came out before I was a movie snob. There was a time in my life, before I took film classes, before I got behind the camera myself for some attempts at film of my own, that I wasn't as critical as I am now.

During this time, the first Pirates was out, the first "Lord of the Rings", "The Mummy", and more. So I have a kind of nostalgia over those that takes me back to NOT being such a critic.

Once you develop a certain eye for movies, you can't ever really enjoy them the same way you did before. For example, loved the first Pirates movie, liked the second one, hated the third. If the third one had come out when I was in high school, I might not have known any different. Now I'm bothered by things like bad structure, spotty writing, and what was obviously a rushed production with a dismal tone.
So my hope for the next Pirate movie? To have fun again. I'd be fine if they don't bring Will and Elizabeth back. They kind of wrote them into a corner anyway. Uh-Oh, Hulk-like rage is building over the third story...better move along quickly...

Anyway, more fun! More sun! More iconic Caribbean locations. Go for the Fountain of Youth, bring on the Mermaids, cast some more people based on characters from the ride. I.E. the iconic red-headed wench. (Should be Scarlett Harlott!) I can only pray they bring back Geoffrey Rush. Less angst and more adventure. Mudslides, water slides, rainstorms, you know...tropical stuff.

So I'm officially going on the hunt for news and rumors the next time I have a free moment to browse the internet just for fun. What's going on with Pirates 4?

Star Fleet

I reviewed the new Star Trek soundtrack by Michael Giacchino here...


You may see some of my writing start popping up on fivesprockets.com from time to time now. Just FYI. It's a phenomenal site that allows creative people to have access to free scriptwriting software for multiple formats. From comics to television scripts to film scripts. It's also set up for social networking with other creative people and even has a job board a la Mandy.com. You can protect your ideas or collaborate with them, and it can help you keep your multiple ideas going at one time. It's quite remarkable. I'm still learning my way around, but I highly suggest checking it out.

Speaking of Star Trek...I was at the Plainfield Barnes and Noble with my husband, Dad, and sister last weekend. We just had some coffee and talked for a while. Right as we were about to leave, Jake decided to go looking for the collected Star Trek prequel comic, "Countdown". Well, funny enough timing, guess who should walk in?

A couple of members of Star Fleet. I got all nervous and geeky and so my sister volunteered to go take pictures of them for me. (Yeah, we're both pretty outgoing. But she used to perform with a bowl of fruit on her head. Long story for another day. Point is, I kind of defer to her when we're together. It's weird, I know. Little sister syndrome I guess.)
I was able to creep up sheepishly behind her and start asking questions. Apparently, there are fan chapters of Star Fleet everywhere. All different branches and types and locations, different clubs and what-not.

I call dibs on this because I smell my next in-print feature. But until then, check this out. (You KNOW you're jealous and you want your own uniform. I know I do!)


Fun with Editing: When Bad Can Be Good

So, my friend Dana and I were having a conversation last night about how sometimes the strangest things can be funny to anyone who has ever edited before. Bad editing, for example. It's true. When you're locked in a little room doing nothing but pouring over the same footage for hours and hours, you go a little wacky inside. You get slap happy, as my Mom would say.

I can testify to this because just two weekends ago, Jake and I were editing our first bits of footage from the recently filmed and not yet finished, "Park Geeks" first episode. After a few hours, Josh just grabbed some music from his desk top and started slicing and dicing a particular blooper of Jake's to music. We were practically rolling on the floor. But I imagine if anyone else would've walked in, they would've wondered what we were on about. (I'll post that in the future when it's compressed enough to fit onto YouTube.)

So what follows may not be funny to some people. It may be a touch of editing humor. But Josh sent the Star Trek stuff to me this morning and I just HAD to share.

This one is also a gem.

Now that was good editing, quite clever. Here's an example of how bad editing can be good...on purpose. This is from, "Mr. Show" and it's probably my favorite sketch they ever did.

This next one has an obnoxious commercial attached to the beginning, the one I saw was for Old Navy. Ugh. But this is one of Conan's gems featuring bad editing, bad lighting, bad writing, and really bad acting. It's perfection. THIS is how bad can be good...


Tomorrowland: The Movie?

Meh, the pitch for the latest park to screen Disney film sounds, if you'll pardon the pun, less than stellar to me. Based on the futuristic section of the park, "Tomorrowland" sounds like another patronizing "blink and you'll miss it" low effort from Disney. I hope I'm wrong. Here's the info I read today.

Being such a park geek myself, I would love to see more ride-based movies. But not if they're going to be crummy.

Now is a bad time to focus on a science fiction film anyway, because it just won't get any better than what Star Trek is currently serving. So doing a sci-fi movie right now is like, offering a cat treat to someone when they've got Christmas dinner right in front of them. Who's going to take that?

I'd like to see Disney give another park project to someone big. Take some risks like they did with Pirates, get some unconventional names attached to star in and direct a Jungle Cruise movie. Adventure is their best bet right now. But then again, I know there is a Pirates 4 in the works. So, I guess they're on that already.

This is arrogant, and I realize that. But I believe that if a Disney executive called me right now, I could sell them another Pirates franchise with my pitch for a series of Tiki Room movies. They're musicals, adventures, family films, romances, everything.

But I'll just keep that one in my back pocket until any Disney execs come calling. You know, until pigs fly.

My favorite Tomorrowland attraction? Star Tours, OF COURSE! It's deliciously outdated nowadays, giving it a very Xanadu-like fun nostalgic feeling. Except instead of recalling the end of the seventies, it's early nineties goodness at its best. But it's still a really fun ride!

Here's some excellent footage of it, including lots from the intricate line. For the record, RU42 is the best Disney filmographer on YouTube at the moment. You can always get your fix from his page, and I regularly do when I need a little inspiration.


LOST Season Finale

"Boy do I hate being right all the time." - Dr. Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park

Actually, I don't hate it. I love it! If being right were a cape, I would wear it proudly wherever I went, and also bedazzle it.

What a show, eh? I enjoyed last night's LOST very much. The bonus is that I hit the nail on the head about pretty much the entire season, the finale being no exception. I was wrong in the past about Kate's origin story. But fiddle dee dee, we don't really need to talk about that, now do we?

I was right about some of the people on the Island being children from the Dharma initiative, which I called in the second season. I was right about time travel, which I called in the first season. I was right about the body being carried around in the cargo container the past few episodes. And so on and so forth. Here are my further theories, though since the show has progressed so far, I'm sure a lot of people share these ideas by now.

Obviously, Jacob is a spiritual figure. Whether he's only allegory or whether they're going to go all the way with it remains to be seen. He's either A.) God B.) Jesus or possibly, C.) The Devil. That about narrows is down, right?

I'm almost completely certain that he's benevolent, therefore ruling out the devil and making the other guy from the opening the bad spiritual force. But there's still some muddy waters on who exactly is good and who is bad. But I think it's safe to say we're officially polarized, right? It goes all the way back to Locke playing backgammon with Walt. There's good and there's bad. Or to quote Nicholas Cage from, "Raising Arizona", "There's what's right and there's what's right and never the twain shall meet."

So the ghost of Ben's daughter, who appeared as very hostile and told Ben to do whatever Locke told him to do, let us know that she was on the side of whatever was out to kill Jacob. (Whatever she was, illusion or real ghost, who knows?) This now calls into question the loyalty of all the ghostly figures, Charlie, Claire, Christian, all of 'em. Whose side are they on and can they be trusted? The same goes for the smoke monster. Does he kill only the good people or only the bad, or is it merely doing someone's bidding Scooby Doo style? It remains to be seen...it he kills only the good, it would certainly make sense why he left Ben alone and why Eko is gone post his redemption.

Also, I'm wondering, did Jacob really comfort young Kate and James, grown-up Jack, Jin, Hurley and Sun? I believe yes, but some of his actions leave it in the gray area. He covered Kate for stealing, which was either an act of salvation for her or an enabling action. He handed James the pen that he used to write the letter that sort of ultimately leads him down the path of destruction, the candy bar seemed pretty innocuous...but hey, sugar is bad for you, right?

I think Jacob is good, I really do. But I'm just saying, his appearances could be taken either way. I stick to the side that he's good. We'll see. I've been wrong before. (Though not often...muahaha!)

I believe that the intro can lead us to infer that humanity itself is being battled over. The ship Jacob saw in the distance was likely the Black Rock, from which I believe Richard Alpert came. (Remember, we've seen him with long hair, which would fit the period.) Jacob probably gifted him with eternal life, much the way that Jesus in the Bible states that John will somehow live forever. Keep in mind, the writers of LOST are Catholic. (To the best of my knowledge.) So I'm not afraid to mine all the religious symbolism they're throwing in there. It could be leading me to wrong conclusions though...

The four toed statue is from another incarnation of humanity. I think Jacob keeps giving humanity chance after chance to reboot itself and do the right thing somehow. So the statue is from the most recent set of human failures. Possibly led to their destruction by the bad guy opposite Jacob.

There is good and bad on the island, the bad wrong choices almost always seem to involve violence. I know that's a big doy, but still, worth a mention. There's free will too, Jacob makes that clear to Hurley in the cab. You can go or not, it's totally up to you.

So what did the bomb do? One of two things.

A.) It rebooted the situation completely, causing the plane to crash yet again and starting the whole thing over. Only now, there's no Jacob holding the Island together, so everything will go completely different this time around.

B.) It destroyed whatever magical property was in that pocket that held the Island together or made it special. I'd even be willing to go so far as to liken it to the destruction of the firmament. Meaning whatever the forces of opposition were to Jacob before, they now rule the Island.

Announcer Voice: Who will be resurrected? Which ghost is really a ghost and not an illusion of the enemy? Who freaking knows????

I LOVE IT! I can't believe I'm back in this old place again of having to wait until January or February for more. It stinks. Reminds me of this article I wrote a long time ago with how to deal without LOST. I haven't read anything else about other opinions yet, I wanted to write this first. So what does everyone else think? I want to know!

LOST Withdrawal? Six Ways to Deal
If you're thinking you can't wait until February for a new epsiode of LOST, you're not alone. Here are six quick tips to help you get through the wait.


Fond remembrance...

I've written a review of what now stands where this proud ride once was, and when I watch this video it just brings back all the magic of the original ride. When the review is published, I'll link to it from this blog. Until then, let's all heave a collective sigh as we watch what was once one of the best movie-inspired rides ever. Second only to the Indiana Jones Adventure. (It's not, "The Crypt". Snooze.)

The Show Must Go On

Geeks Have All The Fun is changing, as evidenced by the new banner. But despite the upcoming changes, which will be fairly basic, you must know that the show will go on!

I need to learn a little bit more about glamour after seeing the tapes from some filming we did at King's Island last weekend for a VERY Geek-related venture!!! I can't wait to show you the results when all the editing is done, but next time we film, I'll need a lot more makeup and some advice on how to do hair. I thought I was caked in makeup, but it didn't register on camera. So I thought I'd start drawing inspiration from my favorite old musicals, of which Cover Girl is the BEST!

Here are a couple of stills for something we did for the up and coming, "Theme Park Channel".


Attention Geeks! GHATF is changing soon!

I bought a domain name, and it's not geekshaveallthefun.com, because seriously...way too long.

Sometime over the course of this next week, this site will become...drumroll...


Born For Geekdom dot com

Still obnxiously long, because that's how I roll. Obnoxious style.

I'll do my best to make the transition nice and smooth, until then, to all 2 of my readers, you can keep using the address you've been using to find me.

Thank you, that is all.