Good Geek Stuff - Monday, September 25th 2017

It's Monday and I'm back in my office. How about you? Next time you need a break, check out these three bits of Good Geek Stuff.

1. Wes Anderson's latest movie finally has a trailer!

2. Karen Hallion's Kickstarter for her Celara calendar has 43 hours left! Go donate! Her Patreon is also well-worth following. In 2007, I had this really vivid dream that I was Han Solo's daughter. I had gone into the Sarlacc pit to retrieve Boba Fett's jet pack and I was using it to fly around be an awesome smuggler/wild card of justice.

When I initially saw this piece of art done by Hallion, it felt like seeing an image from my dream. Her art encompasses the spirit of lady geekdom with vivid colors and imaginative clarity. 
3. My favorite local coffee place is getting a brick and mortar in my town! But if you aren't lucky enough to live in central Florida, Coffee Shop of Horrors also sells online. They create intensely flavorful, aromatic blends with unique and beautiful art on their packaging. Because of their attention to quality and detail, all of their products honestly make great gifts.* (They aren't paying me to say any of this, it's just how I feel.) Especially for the film and tv fans in your life. I picked up my seasonal favorite on Saturday!

4. And speaking of artists, my sister has finally put out her own internet shingle! You can visit Random Fandom Geek Boutique to see her paintings, miniatures and pumpkins. You can even place an order yourself! She does a lot, but her specialty is fast becoming geek portraits. Below you'll find the early stages of a young Slytherin in progress. 

To me, this is still so beautiful, even in all it's unfinished glory!

What else is good in the world of geek right now? Let me know in the comments! And remember to follow all these artists via social networking and...

Shop Local. Shop....S...local. Eh, you get it.

*It's very important to read anything that sounds like advertising copy in the soothing voice of Karina Longworth from You Must Remember This.


3 Times Star Trek Met Pop Culture

"And I hate you, and I BERATE YOU!"

Trailer Reaction to the new Tomb Raider - Oh...I'll give you a (naval-gazing) reaction, alright.

I just watched the new trailer for the Tomb Raider reboot. What did I think? Before I tell you that, I have to tell you some other stuff. Some really dorky other stuff.

I still have my ticket stub from the first movie. That night in 2001, I drove to the theater on backcountry Indiana roads. Fireflies lit up the cornfields like Christmas trees. It was my first summer home from college. 

Not long after, I picked up the PC game. My muscle memory adapted quickly to rescuing Lara. The directional keypad, shift and enter were so over-used, their lettering wore off.

I bought the soundtrack too. I jogged to it almost every day. This was the era of portable CD players, ancient things you had to hold flat in your hand to prevent the tracks from skipping. Back then, it looked like runners everywhere were carrying small dinners on a tiny serving trays.

Later, when I'd watch the VHS, my brain still thought it was gaming. If Lara needed to run in the movie, I'd instinctively press the imaginary alt button. After a lifetime of films, suddenly there was a physiological connection between myself as a passive viewer and the active hero on the screen.