Bird Diapers and Mary Blair

Because Gmail is very scary and reads my emails, there was a very hilarious advertisement at the top of my email for bird diapers. Bird. Diapers.

This amused me greatly, because I had just emailed my friend Jen explaining to her my plot for the "Tiki Room" script I wrote. Which may be the one and only time I have ever talked about birds in an email. Ever. Technology doesn't miss a step.

Speaking of Disney, allow me to segue into the Mary Blair portion of the blog.

While watching the special features on the most recent release of Disney's "Cinderella", I was introduced to an artist named Mary Blair. Her work smacked of familiarity to me because I had a Disney book full of her art as a child. Many of Disney's animated films are based off of her concept art. She worked for the mouse house, almost solely doing just that, or so I gathered from the 15 minutes or so of special features about her.

Her art appeals to me very much. I like the colors, the Al Hirschfeld exaggerations, the shapes, the composition...I just really find her art appealing in almost every way. When I used to paint, I was always drawn toward creating things with bold colors, that were sort of abstract and cartoon-like. And when I look at Mary Blair's paintings, I instantly want to create. Doesn't even matter what, I could sit down and write, or even pick up a brush again. And I can articulate the qualities that I like, but I wonder what that underlying quality is that drives inspiration. It's very mysterious...