Sick Geek = Future Health Nut

I've been sickly all my life, and it's time to find out if that's because I'm just a Fuller who can't help but be puny, or if I'm actually partially responsible for what ails me. Either way, this sick geek is going to try to transform herself into a health nut in the year 2009.
"I'm sailing!"

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  1. I've been pretty lucky with illness this year. Considering all my chronic health problems, I always expect to be sick for the entire winter but every year seem to scrape by unscathed.

    I can share your desire for good health however. Last year I managed to lose 50 pounds without even trying that hard, and effectively threw all that away and stuffed my face for the last three months straight. This year I am resolving to lose weight again, but not putting a number goal on myself, because I feel that that is going to doom me to feel like a failure for all of 2009.

    PS: You should check out a book called "The Sonoma Diet". It's not some trendy lose weight quick thing -- it teaches you about food and how to make lifelong changes to the way you eat. The only bad thing is it requires a lot of time spent cooking...no prepared meals.


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