Ludo, Sweetums, Gossamer, and...

I saw a commercial for a diet aid the other day that featured one heck of an adorable puppet. It was very "early Henson" as Jake put it. Whoever came up with that ad is a genius, because normally diet ads drive me toward acts of violence. Or minor vandalism in the very least. (Seinfeldian question of the day: Why do they ALWAYS put teeny tiny women in diet commercials?) Here's the little guy that gave me an epiphany about my love of muppets shaped like old-timey wardrobes...
I wish I saw that little guy every time I wanted a snack. It would make my scraping around in the fridge for wobbly old celery or slightly dried up tortillas a much more pleasant endeavor. Here is the parade of similarly shaped fictional creatures that just make me want to start hugging things.

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  1. Don't forget Harry from Harry and the Hendersons, as well as My Pet Monster! :0)