10 Famous Female Duos of Film and Television

We need more female friendships on TV.
I've been thinking a lot lately about famous female fictional friendships. We have endless male buddy comedies out there, but it feels like iconic female friendships don't show up as much.

I'm not going to start leading a crusade for more female buddy comedies or anything*, but I've been wondering why we don't see them as often. I'm gonna kvetch for a little bit, then I'm gonna list. Please feel free to scroll past the preachy kvetching.

It's a shame there aren't more movies and tv shows about female friendship. (In varied genres.) In fact, it seems like lately female friendships are under attack in pop culture. Reality TV is packed with girls rolling their eyes at each other, sneering over "stolen" boyfriends. And don't get me started on Gossip Girl.

I visited with my thirteen-year-old niece last week and noticed all of her friends seemed to be boys. I asked why. She talked to me about how almost all of her girlfriends are backstabbers. She told me horror stories of the way they treat each other. 

Apparently, there are lots of angry phone calls, unrealistic demands, and being "cussed out". Now I know fights are inevitable no matter what gender you are, especially at that age. But when I was 13, all I had were my girlfriends. We fought for sure. But never like that. We had slumber parties all the time. (Always with a copy of Now and Then.)

We talked about boys. They were fun to see at social gatherings. But we didn't count on them. We counted on each other. I hate to say this because it doesn't give "the kids today" enough credit, but they really are like little sponges. They really do imitate what they see. I guess I should thank God I grew up in the nineties when there was a run on rom coms, in which the women were usually friends.

I wonder, are girls today more hostile toward each other because of what they see in the media?

I know, "blame the media" is a trite tactic, one I've rejected adamantly in the past. But we have to at least admit, the sum total of the pop culture zeitgeist in your formative years does make a lasting impact.

I know this will get me skewered or told that I "don't get it", but when shows with misogynistic content like, Two and a Half Men and Family Guy can be seen on Saturday mornings and every day via syndication...some wrong messages about femininity and relationships are bound to slip through. 

Mixed messages and the pressure to grow up too fast have always been around. Now, multiple platforms exacerbate the pressure. The over-saturation of media in kids' lives is...concerning, right?

TV regularly tells me girls today are supposed to be spray-tanned into oblivion, talk with that strange baby-doll accent, make sarcastic faces at each other, and text constantly. It's scary. I predict some kind of future fallout from shows like The Girls Next Door. (It practically screams, "There's an unseen dark side happening here!")

So I'm searching for movies and TV shows centered around the subject matter of realistic and healthy female friendships, preferably containing a wide spectrum of women. There was kind of a female friendship boom for a couple of decades in television. Lately? Tumbleweeds.

So I'm compiling this list. Please help me add to it...

1. Laverne and Shirley - Laverne and Shirley

One of the best all-time TV female friendships. They lived and worked together and did whatever it took to get by, having an absolute ball in the process. Some of my best times in life were when I was the most poor and living with some my roomates. So not only was the show comedy gold, it taught a good lesson.

2. Thelma and Louise - Thelma and Louise

Okay, so they were a touch disfunctional. Maybe not the best example for young girls today. But for crying out loud, at least they stuck together.

3. Lucy and Ethel - I Love Lucy

No matter how wacky things got, Lucy and Ethel also stuck together, and Ethel always supported Lucy. No matter how harebrained the scheme.

4. Romy and Michelle - Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion

Sure, they're living in their own little world. But it's just a reminder that sometimes being around someone you know so well makes it safe for your weird side to emerge. This can lead you further down the path to being yourself and discovering what you want to do with your life.

5. Troi and Crusher - Star Trek: The Next Generation

What are the two female members of a Federation Starship bridge crew to do? Bond of course. They exercised together, hung out in Ten Forward, and shared all the dish on their personal lives. Friendship in space...where your best friend can always hear you scream. (Or laugh. Or cry.)

6. Carla and Elliot - Scrubs

One of the only current friendships to be found on television today, and a steady one at that. My favorite thing about their friendship is how different they are as people. Carla is so stable and Elliot is so frequently untethered. 

7. Kate and Allie - Kate and Allie

Remember this one? It was sort of like the odd couple, but for single women with children. I experienced it entirely through re-runs as a kid, and though my memory is a bit rusty...I recall some heartwarming moments.

8. Cagney and Lacey - Cagney and Lacey

Solving crime. Together. Enough said.

9. Faith and Kate - Only You
This is just about as close to a female "road to" buddy picture as I've ever found. The writing is funny, the women in the film are unique and interesting, flawed and clumsy. You can thank the highly intelligent auteur Bonnie Hunt for this underrated flick.

10. Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia - The Golden Girls

The best thing about the friendships portrayed on this show? They were real. There were fights and misunderstandings, but in the end friendship always won out. (And comic hilarity ensued.)

*But I just might though...