5 Happy Movie Tunes to Celebrate By

If you're happy, or you need to be, listen to the songs below!

The kick-off to summer has officially begun! My husband triumphed over a mean case of food poisoning yesterday, (When we alerted the restaurant, they simply said he must not have been used to "brie". Uh-huh...that's why the two diners who had the chicken got horribly ill...not accustomed to brie. Riiiiiight.) the summer blockbuster season started with the stellar Iron Man 2, lots of friends and family graduated last weekend, and I am officially 50% master of creative writing with a 3.833 GPA and three HARD earned A's. The A's ain't easy in grad school folks....not even a little.

So I'm in a celebratory mood. Which means, I need some happy tunes to celebrate with, and they are...

1. All Over the World - ELO

I heard this yesterday in a preview for the next Adam Sandler movie. But all it makes me think of is Xanadu, the movie that it was written for. Lavish in the glitter and neon and layered vocals. Lavish, I say! YouTube has disabled the Embed on this one, so you'll have to follow the rabbit down the hole and click on this link. I double dog dare you not to smile when you watch this!

2. Step in Time - Mary Poppins

NOTHING says celebrate to me quite like this spectacular musical number from Mary Poppins. Get up and DANCE if you're happy! Who cares if you don't know the steps?

3. Portobello Road 

Bedknobs and Broomsticks - Who knew antiquing could be so much fun? This is for everyone who wishes that at any moment in time, particularly on those happy days, that life would create a musical number just for you! (I always wanted the New York backlot at Disney World to have street peformers come out and do Portobello Road a couple of times a day. Wouldn't that be the best?)

4. Can You Picture That - The Electric Mayhem 

The happiest, most positive rock from a movie you'll ever hear. Ever. "Even Santa Claus believes in you." 

5. Anything Goes - Kate Capshaw - Of course, you knew this had to be on the list. It's the best movie opening in the history of cinema, if you ask me. If more adventure movies opened with musical numbers, the world would be a much better place. 

Of course, I can only think of a bajillion more..but hey, we've got an entire summer to dance through, right?

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