Guillermo Del Toro's "Haunted Mansion" Movie Finally Happening?

When Ain't It Cool posted this little tid-bit today, I got pretty worked up. What are the odds that this project is Del Toro's long rumored, and at one time definitely confirmed, Disney Haunted Mansion film?

With Favreau doing his "Magic Kingdom" movie, it seems like Disney is placing bets on high quality directors with ultra-specific visions. Here's hoping Del Toro is still on board. At the very least, we know he loves the haunted house genre enough to re-visit the theme often.

Portions of the "Hellboy" movies play out like little haunted vignettes. (I'm thinking of those pesky little tooth fairies, the labyrinth at the end of the first movie, etc.) Then there was, "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark", which was another classic example of the story structure. 

Haunted house stories, if you didn't know, sprang from the period of gothic literature. When the idea of outdoor adventure was considered taboo or for the lower classes and certainly not acceptable for women, an entire genre was concocted that brought the adventure indoors. 

I wrote a really long obnoxious academic paper about it HERE on Yahoo.

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