America, I Made You a Mix Tape for When You Visit the Kennedy Space Center

Completely inconspicuously posed at LC 39A aka
"Yes You Can! Glamour Shots!" aka
Dear NASA, can I live here?
Don't pretend like you don't know it's because I like you. Because I do.

1. Space Oddity - David Bowie

2. SpaceCamp - John Williams - It's my list, I can put an entire soundtrack on it if I want to.

3. Flash - Queen

4. End Credits - Alan Silvestri - Contact - It works like the overture for the show. Fantastic and beautiful, just like the movie.

5. 2001 Space Odyssey - Eomer Deodato - This is the 70's funk version. I admit to using this one because it also appears in the opening scenes of Peter Sellers under-appreciated classic "Being There".

6. Enterprising Young Men - Michael Giacchino - Star Trek- This is one of my personal favorites. So much so that it's the song I wake up to every day. It's my cell's alarm ringtone.

7. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home - Leonard Rosenman - I'd highly recommend this soundtrack in it's entirety as well. Great stuff! Any/all of Jerry Goldsmith's work is a must too. But if I'm not careful, this will turn into a Star Trek playlist. So moving on...

It's my personal belief that you really have to prep your brain for all of the information you'll be receiving at KSC. A great playlist helps you get into the right frame of mind. After all, KSC is the theme park based on real miracles. One of the only places in the world that still celebrates scientific progress like it's a GOOD THING! Because it is!

I'm slipping into hyperbole, I realize.

Just make sure to visit KennedySpaceCenter.com and SpaceFlightNow.com to plan your own trip and get plenty of up-to-date news on all of the launches happening at the Kennedy Space Center.

What good would it be if I made you a mix tape and you didn't use it?

In all seriousness, a day at Kennedy is something to put on your life list. Make sure to factor in taking an additional guided tour. They are all worth it, but you really need to do the KSC Up Close Tour while the Vehicle Assembly Building is still a stop. It won't stay that way forever!

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