New Short Comic - Swamp Ape

This is a concept I still really, really love. Again, I have work to do when it comes to clarity. Everyone who has read this so far has had to ask me questions about it. Which is bad. But I'm learning.

I get so incredibly sensitive about human and animal welfare. I become overwhelmed with feelings of helplessness when I see others hurting and I've recently discovered that I can sometimes write my way out of the melancholy, like a lobster scooting backwards out of a trap.

I was watching a particularly moving story about abandoned orangutans one day, and I decided I wanted to write them a guardian. So I did.

Page 1

Page 2

I think this script is better than Author. I can feel myself getting a better handle on how to harness the turn of the page or the natural way the eye reads left to right and up to down for the benefit of reveals. You would think a lifetime of reading comics would make an initial attempt at writing them less clumsy. 


I'll take better. Better is good. It's certainly better than not trying at all.

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