"My corns hurt."

HOW did I go my ENTIRE life without knowing this song existed? I instantly recognized samples from umpteen other songs, but I didn't know that the samples had a musical baby daddy.

I LOVE funk music. Especially Stevie Wonder's earlier stuff. But this...this is like music done by the aliens from Gonzo's planet set to the guitar stylings from the Ghostbusters soundtrack. It also sounds like something that I would've heard on Dr. Demento growing up. It's downright bizarre. In a great way. It makes me want to roller skate. Immediately. I have a new new year's resolution. Research more funk music from the late seventies and early nineties. (Also...I just figured out today that I REALLY like Zydeco music. What an amazing world we live in, so full of random surprises.) By the way, the blog title is a lyric from the song.