Blast From the Past

Guess who?

I find myself wandering over to THIS SITE from time to time.

I really like her as an actress and would love to see her do more mainstream film. I think she's pretty choosy nowadays, and she's certainly busy with charity work and theater. I'm just saying, I think she'd fit in nicely in a new television show or big studio film.

She was such a strong female presence. I think with the new Gossip Girl/90210/Melrose Place vibe on tv now, she could really come on the scene and show those girls a thing or two about real womanhood.

For some reason, right around this time every year, I experience a resurgence in my X-Files fandom. It starts with watching random DVDs from the library and usually culminates in a 4th of July tradition for me, watching the X-Files episode, "Queen Anne" that is almost always on television...with it's patriotic awesomeness. Jake is also always good enough to hunt down my second favorite episode for me, "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas". Around mid-July or so, the phase ends, usually as swiftyly as it comes.

Weird, huh...

Oh, speaking of strong women in television, here's the column this week.