A Valentine from Pee Wee Herman

I found this sitting in my inbox today...ah, the glory of the mailing list.

I do declare, I am also on the mailing lists of SyFy, Disney, and StarWars.com

How about you, did you get any email love from any of your favorite people/organizations this year?

This is probably, hands down, my favorite movie of all time. It reached that status the summer that my college roomies and I lost cable in our rental house due to a fallen tree and subsequent landlord cable scam discovery. ("It's a splicer!")

At any rate, this movie, Tomb Raider, the first Mummy movie, A League of Their Own, and lots of the Muppet flicks were sort of played on loop in my bedroom after that. Naturally, one of my roomates (and best friends) Lauren and I memorized this fight and quoted it all the time during our long summer of waitressing at the very glamorous Olive Garden. So to me, not only does the movie represent the sheer awesomeness of Tim Burton and Paul Reubens, it also represents one of the best summers of my life and the great friendships that sprung from it.

Lauren is coming over for coffee tomorrow morning and I just may have to pull this clip up for her and bring a little love. Remember Valentine's Day is about the love you have for everyone in your life! Don't forget your friends and family.