Bill and Ted Ride AGAIN!

There's a little something in this world called, "the zeitgeist". It sort of  means, when something just seems to be in the air amid creative types. When you say to yourself, "That's funny I was just thinking/talking/writing about that," when you hear about something in the news or from a friend. Well, a few nights ago, in the middle of the night, I randomly asked Jake if we could rent, "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey" this weekend. To which, of course, he gave a resounding yes. (Not that I need to ask permission to rent anything, but I wanted to know if he would think it would be fun.) To top that off, I've been walking around humming, "God Gave Rock and Roll To You" all week.

I loved the Bill and Ted movies when I was a kid. They were cheesy fun, but then again, I do confess to the ending of "Bogus Journey" striking a chord with my young, Star Trek influenced, Utopian-socialist heart. A world of peace and harmony brought on by rock and roll? I liked it. (Plus, even back then I knew that they filmed in some locations where the Star Trek: TOS was filmed.)

Plus, I had a major crush on Ted Theodore Logan and always identified with movies where the losers became the heroes. Imagine that. (I also kind of thought the Reaper was cute. What the heck was wrong with me? An early jones for the artsy films of Ingmar Bergman? A sick fascination with death? A pre-Conan love of pale-skinned Scandanavian men? Maybe the question is best left unanswered.)

So you can bet I got pretty excited when I accidentally discovered today that there will be ANOTHER, "Bill and Ted" sequel. Or so they say. I have my doubts. But this is one sequel that would give me no apprehension whatsoever. If it's bad, who cares? It's kind of supposed to be, right?

Check the article on DEATH AND TAXES here.

So let's prepare, shall we? Let's revisit the joy that was the idealistic early nineties and discover where we left our heroes...

Where do you think Bill and Ted will go next? Oh, and good luck getting the KISS song out of your head. *maniacal laughter*


  1. At first I thought that maybe Keanu Reeves had grown as an actor and couldn't possibly be a Wyld Stallyn again... and then I remember who I was talking about and thought he is still perfect for the part of Ted Logan and that Alex Winter could probably use the paycheck.

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