Movie Bites - Is It Really Time To Bid Harry Farewell?

Today I got to go to Leaky Con 2011 as part of my new duties running "Orlando Attractions Magazine: The Show" and I recently tried to bake my blues away over at Smith Bites.


  1. i HAVE see the last movie and it's FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS!!! i am coping by re-reading the entire series and watching my stash of purchased movies again and again. i'm not sure i've ever loved a series as much as i have this one . . . BRAVO JKR, BRAVO!!

  2. I re-read the book last week...cried like a baby. Just got home from seeing the movie with the kids. Yep, you guessed it...boo freakin hoo!!

  3. The Book Purist Nerd in me was pretty outraged more than a few times. The Harry Potter movie fan in me was delighted. I cried...a lot. I cheered. I loved it. And when the credits began to roll, I cried again. I'm so absurdly sad it's all over.


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