Happy Halloween from Heather

Contributor (and my partner in geeking, my sister) Heather went to a costume party on Halloween and she took her signature mad-crafting geek skills with her.

Her son was Link from The Legend of Zelda...

Keep going! The best photos are yet to come...

Her daughter was a "Catula"...

And Heather herself....well....just look for yourself at this HANDMADE costume. Could this girl take on the con crowd or WHAT?

Just in case you don't know...that my friends is a faithful recreation of a Jareth the Goblin King costume from Jim Henson's "Labyrinth".

And now, while I work today, to celebrate Heather's creativity and costuming skills I shall watch "Labyrinth" and bask in some Bowie.

How was your Halloween this year? Any geektastic goodness creep into your holiday?

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  1. Thankfully, she did not recreate the pants. Great costumes!


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