Disney World's New Fantasyland is Literally a Wish Come True

A gargoyle guardian of Beast's castle.
A little over two years ago, I wrote THIS BLOG ENTRY about wishing that there was a walk-through enchanted castle from Disney's animated "Beauty and the Beast". And guess what I got to walk through last weekend?

You guessed it! Beast's castle.

Though the new Fantasyland isn't even technically open to the public yet, we live a whopping half an hour from the Magic Kingdom and we're just nerdy enough to have annual passes.

So when a friend texted to tell us that the new Fantasyland was in a Dress Rehearsal (meaning that you could go in, ride rides and see sights with the expectation that there might be technical difficulties here and there) we hot-footed it over there.

And the pictures we got that night were pretty exciting. Click on READ MORE below to see all of our photos.

One of many details straight from the movie.
The first thing we did was go ride the new Little Mermaid dark ride. Which was awesome for two reasons. One, it's a genuinely good ride with a VERY cool queue experience.

But two, getting to ride it during dress rehearsal was fun because the ride kept stopping for long periods of time, which means I got a good look at all of the details. (And even proceeded through the ride at one point without any soundtrack. A unique experience at a Disney park for sure!)

But I was most excited about the Beauty and the Beast section of New Fantasyland which is larger than I expected and expertly themed.

Check out the photos below. I just took them with my cell phone, so nothing fancy. It was just a fun night for Jake and I to be able to walk around this brand new area.

Inside the Be Our Guest restaurant
Hallway look familiar? "As you were!"
A peek at the Be Our Guest restaurant before it was ever open to the public.
A life-size fountain outside of Gaston's Tavern
A better view.

He uses antlers in all of his decorating...