Potentially the Most Important Website of All Time!

So last weekend, I'm watching "Cowboys and Aliens" for the first time. My Dad sent it to me in the mail along with "Prometheus" and I was instantly invested in the movie. I love sci-fi, Jon Favreau and westerns. So, this was a very happy cinematic trifecta for me. There was only one problem. The dog.

I have a major over-sensitivity to violence against animals in movies and television. Or, you know what? I'm just gonna say it. Maybe I have the correct amount of sensitivity to it and the rest of you sickos are the freaks who can stand watching that kind of stuff without getting upset. But one misplaced horse whinny, dog squeal or cat yowl in a flick and I'm out. SO. Then I find this:

Here's what I love about it. 

1. It doesn't spoil the movies! I've ruined many a horror film for myself trying to skim through spoilers over at themoviespoiler.com just to see if there is any violence toward animals.

(Or too much violence toward people for that matter. I can do creepy and monsters and ghosts and what-not, but not torture or stalking or murder. Unless of course, it's a mystery. In which case, murder away. Magnum P.I. Poirot will take care of business.) But this website has a simple icon system. There are three cartoon dog faces. 

Happy looking dog = no violence at all. 

Frowny faced dog = Violence toward animals, but pet ultimately lives. 

Dog crying = At least one dead pet. 

2. Oh...uh, I guess that's pretty much it. 

I'm telling you, this website changes my life. My whole life, I say!!!

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