WBFG Ep. #1 - "It Has Begun!"

WBFG: EP. #1 - "It Has Begun!" 
(Featuring the music of the supremely talented Five Year Mission)

In which two high school friends, Aron and Audrey, who haven't spoken on the phone or seen each other for thirteen years attempt to catch up. On everything. All at once. 

In which Aron and Audrey also make no preparations at all and instead choose to jump into this whole podcasting thing completely off the cuff. 

And also, there's coffee. And discussion of high school, politics, religion and feelings. 

All of the feelings.   


1. Why is there only one Vulcan hairstyle?
2. What's the one word that best describes the Klingon Christmas Carol?
3.  What would a zombie apocalypse look like if we replaced the zombies with jocks?
4. How to Avoid Thinking You Invented Choc-Ola and ThinkGeek.

Next Week:

1. Aron and Audrey's favorite podcasts.
2. Why You Should Be VERY Cautious When Looking up Buffy-inspired Fan-Fiction on the internet.
3. Plenty of TREK talk, feminist and otherwise.
4. And more...

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  1. Just wanted to let everyone know we are waiting for approval for the podcast to be entered in both iTunes and Stitcher.

  2. I really enjoyed listening to this. And it's not just the cold medicine talking. I listened with my head on the kitchen table. Bargle....


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