Fifteen Years Ago, Star Trek Nemesis Premiered

I was there. (Well...a week later.) And I have the very nerdy receipts by way of Instagram below. I came home from my sophomore year of college to see it with my dad, because we see all the Star Trek movies together. Because nerds who nerd together nerd together. Or something like that.

I was certain Picard would sacrifice himself. The marketing campaign hinted very strongly that this would be the end of our beloved Captain, which was a brilliant move. I actually spent time preparing for his demise. I felt ready.

When they pulled the old switcheroo, I cried so hard into my popcorn napkin that Dad handed me a handkerchief instead. My dad is just cool like that. He always has a handkerchief and a pocket knife and he knows a hundred ways to kill a man with a writing utensil.

Good times.

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