3 Things I Still Love: The Film Documentary Edition

I watched 21 Years: Richard Linklater on Hulu last night. His identity never congealed for me until then, though I loved his movies without knowing they were "his". Once, I named a turtle I kept seeing at Epcot "Richard Linklater" for no justifiable reason. (It just felt like the right thing to do at the time.)

Anyway, now that I've seen the doc, I'm in full geek obsession mode. Here are 3 film documentaries to watch ASAP.

1. "Ricky Ticki Linklater"

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2. "Richard Stanley climbed into a tree today and wouldn't come down." Anyone who has ever directed anything at all will understand that quote at a quantum level. I'm not using "quantum" correctly, am I?

Related Thing: H.G. Wells was right about a bunch of stuff & so was Star Trek.

3. "Does everyone have brown gloves?"

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Bonus: I was captivated by Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond but/and I think this guy is at least partially correct about Jim Carrey. Actually, that was politeness talking. I think he's entirely correct. Nobody gets a free pass on a set to be a jerk in the name of artistic expression. That's egomaniacal and unprofessional. The studio was right to withhold that footage and I hope Jim sends apology gifts to the people he troubled.

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