3 Radio Dramas to Listen To After Indiana Jones and the Bridge to Yesterday

...and it's this fantastic live-action radio drama from IndyCast. I originally saw the news via IndyCast on facebook, but this post from MovieWeb covers the news pretty well.

Are you psyched? Will you listen? I may be listening right now. Are you a fan of radio dramas expanding on recognized properties? If so, scroll on my friends, scroll on.

1. As a very weird, but relevant bonus, I happened upon a Haunted Mansion radio drama via YouTube the other day. I was listening to this (it soothes my grumpy soul) and this auto-played afterward.

There's a long history of Haunted Mansion audio, this record came out in 1969, but I used to listen to it on the Haunted Mansion Live365 channel back in the day, you guys. Back. In. The. Day.

2. Here's my favorite Sherlock Holmes to listen to as I go to sleep.

3. There's a particularly fantastic radio broadcast of The Lord of the Rings from 1981 that I really love. You may notice that's a young Ian Holm on the right. Nifty, eh? HIghly recommend you track this down.

3.1 Oh, and I also recommend you track down the original BBC Hobbit recordings.